#ShiptoSip our recap of BC Wineries shipping wine right to your door!

Right now everyone is going through uncertain times and the BC Wine Industry is no exception. At this point it looks like upcoming new release wine tastings will be either postponed or even cancelled this season. Our favourite wineries, large or small, may be feeling the pinch.

We reached out to the BC wineries that we have promoted in the past, either as Our #FavouriteThings during our winter holiday promotion or for our Celebration! Romance! and Passion! valentine promotions.

The response from our readers for these promotions was positive and so with that encouraging starting point we came up with a plan we call #shiptosip 

We are encouraging BC wine lovers to order from their favourite wineries and help support the BC wine industry. The wineries jumped onboard and each winery has a special shipping incentive for online orders.

Each day we will be publishing a feature to let our readers know which BC wines are available now to be shipped right to your door. The shipping offer ranges from winery to winery.

Please join us in supporting BC wineries and looking forward to the return of public wine tasting events and wine touring for all.

As the #ShiptoSip Campaign carries on we have heard from over 50 wineries interested in participating. The link below is updated daily and includes all the wineries we have promoted so far with about two more weeks of winery features left in the campaign as of early April. So be sure to check back often so you don’t miss any of your favourites!

So what’s next in our efforts to support the BC Wine Industry?

We have two campaigns in the works:

#JointheClub which will promote wine membership for all wineries interested in adding more members to their roster.

#LetsGetVirtual which will bring awareness of, and promote, the efforts of the wineries that are offering “virtual” wine tastings, “virtual” wine seminars, “virtual” wine touring, “virtual” wine classes and “virtual” winemaker chats via social media platforms, live apps and websites.

Feature image: Gina, Oliver Twist Winery

#ShiptoSip from Meyer Family Vineyards

#ShiptoSip with CedarCreek Estate Winery

#ShiptoSip with Wild Goose Vineyards

#ShiptoSip with Lariana Cellars

#ShiptoSip with CheckMate Artisanal Winery

#ShiptoSip with Clos du Soleil

#ShiptoSip with Hester Creek Winery

#ShiptoSip with Road 13 Vineyards

It’s time to #shiptosip BC Wine from the McWatters Collection

#ShiptoSip with Evolve Cellars 2018 Sauvignon Blanc

#ShiptoSip with TIME Winery

#ShiptoSip with Black Hills Estate Winery

#ShiptoSip with 40 Knots Vineyard & Estate Winery

#ShiptoSip with Serendipity Winery

#ShiptoSip with Upper Bench Winery & Creamery

#ShiptoSip with Bench 1775 Winery and Easter wine packs! Hop to it!

#ShiptoSip with The View Winery & Vineyard’s wine & cider

$5 Per Bottle of Rust Wine Co. 2019 Gamay Noir Magnum Goes to support BC’s Hospitality Workers

Winemaker’s CUT New Releases & FREE SHIPPING!

#ShiptoSip with Roche Wines

#ShiptoSip with Mayhem Wines

#ShiptoSip with Tightrope Winery

#ShiptoSip with Noble Ridge Vineyard Winery

#ShiptoSip with vinAmité Winery and Wine Lounge

#ShiptoSip with Okanagan Crush Pad

#ShiptoSip with Summerhill Pyramid Winery

#ShiptoSip with Blue Grouse Estate Winery

#ShiptoSip with Pentâge Winery

Another 100 Point Wine from CheckMate

#ShiptoSip with Poplar Grove

#ShiptoSip with Singletree Winery

#ShiptoSip with Backyard Vineyards

#ShiptoSip with Burrowing Owl Estate Winery

#ShiptoSip with Crowsnest Vineyards

#ShiptoSip with Tantalus Vineyards

A special message from Vanessa Vineyard

#ShiptoSip with Moraine Estate Winery

#ShiptoSip with Stag’s Hollow New Releases and a chance to chat with their team

#ShiptoSip with Privato

#ShiptoSip with Woodward Cider Co.

#ShiptoSip with Hillside Winery + Bistro

#ShiptoSip with Eau Vivre Winery

#ShiptoSip with Mirabel Vineyards

#ShiptoSip with Therapy Vineyards

#ShiptoSip with Moon Curser Vineyard

#ShiptoSip with Township 7 Vineyards & Winery

#ShiptoSip with Play Estate Winery & Bistro

#ShiptoSip with Da Silva Vineyards and Winery

#ShiptoSip with Harper’s Trail Estate Winery

#ShiptoSip with Skaha Vineyard @KrazeLegz Vineyard and Winery

#ShiptoSip with Church and State Wines

#ShiptoSip with Four Shadows Vineyard & Winery

#ShiptoSip with Monte Creek Ranch Winery

#ShiptoSip with Oliver Twist Estate Winery

#ShiptoSip with Monster Vineyards

#ShiptoSip with Blasted Church Vineyards

#ShiptoSip with Unsworth Vineyards

#ShiptoSip with Gray Monk Estate Winery

#ShiptoSip with Red Rooster Winery

#ShiptoSip with Sandhill Wines

#ShiptoSip with Mission Hill Family Estate

#ShiptoSip with Martin’s Lane Winery

#ShiptoSip with Clos du Soleil – The Essentials and The Flagships

#ShiptoSip with At Home With Mijune Pak: Wine Wednesdays – Episode 1

#ShiptoSip with Bench 1775 and special Father’s Day offers

#ShiptoSip with Sumac Ridge Estate Winery

#ShiptoSip with Steller’s Jay

#ShiptoSip with wines featured on Mijune Pak: Wine Wednesdays Episode 2

#ShiptoSip with Black Sage Vineyard

#ShiptoSip with See Ya Later Ranch

#ShiptoSip with Nk’Mip Cellars

#ShiptoSip At Home With Mijune Pak: Wine Wednesdays Episode 3

#ShiptoSip with Nighthawk Vineyards

#ShiptoSip with Fort Berens Estate Winery


#ShiptoSip with Fairview Cellars

#ShiptoSip Bartier Bros. Vineyard and Winery


#ShiptoSip Gold Hill Winery


If you would like to be featured on MyVanCity.ca please email myvancityval@nullgmail.com or valerievdg@nullgmail.com, features are complimentary and with appreciation wine samples are accepted for review.






2 thoughts on “#ShiptoSip our recap of BC Wineries shipping wine right to your door!”

  1. Very interesting delivery option. It will be interesting to see how Affordable the shipping is compared to simply shopping at the local liquor stores.

    • That’s a good point. Many of the BC wineries wines are not stocked on BCLS shelves, some are available at private wine shops but all are available through the winery directly. Many wineries had shipping incentives during May and June, some still do have free shipping depending on the size of the order.


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