#ShiptoSip with The View Winery & Vineyard’s wine & cider

This is your opportunity to load up on some of our Favourite wines that say “fun”. We love The View wines because they tick all the boxes; delicious, spontaneous, a little outrageous, fun loving and never boring – just like you!

So glad to have the View Winery joining our #ShiptoSip campaign with special shipping offers. If you can’t wait until Spring to really burst forth then sipping on The View wines is the next best thing!

Here is our list of The View #bcwine for your drinking pleasure:


Tasting Notes: 

The only one of its kind in North America, Pinotage Rosé boasts in-tense aromatics of strawberry and cotton candy followed by flavours of pink grapefruit and tart cranberry. Dry. crisp and elegant, we call it delicious. 

We call it delicious! 


Tasting Notes: 

A luscious fruit forward Rosé with notes of succulent strawberry and watermelon followed by a bright citrus finish.  

Wine and Food Pairing: 

Pairs with soft cheeses, Asian noodle, quinoa and sum-mer salads, as well as prawns, pork ribs and poultry. 


Tasting Notes: 

Picture a lovely woman in a pretty sundress. Scintillating aromas of white flowers and fruit trifle are followed by succu-lent notes of white nectarine, pear and passion fruit. Zesty flavours of kiwi and citrus creat an elegant, perfectly balanced finish. 

Wine and Food Pairing:

This off dry wine pairs well with Thai green curry, Thanksgiv-ing dinner or a roast chicken.


Tasting Notes 

Gewürztraminer 2018 has intriguing complexity with aromas of ripe tropical fruit, jasmine, orange blossom and honey. Round flavours of lychee, white peach and pear are beautifully 

balanced by a crisp citrus finish.  

Wine and Food Pairing 

Gewürztraminer pairs well with exotic foods such as Indian, Middle Eastern or Moroccan cuisine. Chicken, duck and shellfish pair well as do mild, softer cheeses. 


Tasting Notes 

Going against the grain, our winemaker Kristy French has started a Revolution with this truly unique, dry, barrel fermented 

Gewürztraminer. Exotic aromas of lychee, vanilla bean, jasmine and orange spice are followed by rich, tropical fruit flavours, warm toasty notes and a lingering creamy finish. 

Food Pairing 

Gewürztraminer pairs well with exotic foods such as Indian, Middle Eastern or Moroccan cuisine. Chicken, duck and shellfish pair well as do mild, softer cheeses. 


Tasting Notes: 

Our Pinot Gris has pleasing toasty aromas with notes of exotic tropical fruit, pear and spice. A creamy mouthfeel with bright flavours of lemon meringue pie and stone fruits are followed by a lingering minerality.  

Wine and Food Pairing: 

A versatile wine for food pairing. Excellent with West Coast Cuisine such as salmon, halibut and chicken. 

Delicious with soft cheeses and creamy pasta dishes. 


Tasting Notes: 

Positively mouthwatering, this Gewürztraminer, Riesling, 

Ehrenfelser blend has notes of tropical fruit, white peach and Honeycrisp apple with a zippy citrus finish. 

Wine and Food Pairing 

Pairs with Indian, Thai, Asian Fusion, roasted pork or grilled salmon. 


Zesty Orange Pippin and tart Bramley cider apples are co-fermented with aromatic white grapes in our Wards style Mimosa Cider. Well balanced and refreshing, this zippy orange peel infused bubbly goes perfectly with brunch and carefree, sunshiny days.  

Key Ingredients: Orange Pippin and tart Bramley cider apples co-fermented with aromatic white grapes; made with premium champagne yeast. 

Appearance: Golden 

Flavours & Aromas: Fresh apples with zippy orange peel notes. 

Mouthfeel: Medium body with medium carbonation. 

Food Pairing: Medium dry, Wards Mimosa Cider pairs perfectly with brunch and carefree, sunshiny days. 

Soon to be released in a convenient 6-pack of 355 ml cans.

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The View Winery & Vineyard

Single Vineyard, Estate Crafted Wines from Kelowna’s Southeast Bench 

The View Winery boasts spectacular views of Kelowna and Okanagan Lake. Sandy loam soils combined with long hot summer days and cool evening breezes from the lake are perfect conditions for The View’s signature fresh, fruity, aromatic wines. 

Originally built by Great Granddad Ward in 1922, the building in which we craft and cellar our wines was once the original Ward’s Apple Packinghouse and is the last from its era in the Okanagan. For five generations our family has supported a commitment to tradition, authenticity and excellence. Our alluring wines point to the future and celebrate the past. 

The View Winery and Vineyard #1 2287 Ward Road, Kelowna, BC

(250)860-0742 ● orders@nulltheviewwinery.com ● theviewwinery.com

Tasting notes and images courtesy of the winery. Silver Lining images: Simplicity Photography

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