#ShiptoSip with Serendipity Winery

With tongue planted firmly in cheek Serendipity winemaker Katie O’Kell has put together a combo wine pack for those of us isolated or self quarantined, and it would be just as much fun if you’re into social distancing.

Check it out as part of our #ShiptoSip campaign:

COVID Quarantine Combo Pack

Deading your 2 weeks of isolation? Preparing for 2 weeks of having the kids at home after Spring break? Stock up with the REAL essentials with our COVID Quarantine Combo Pack.

Includes a bottle of:

Sauvignon Blanc (great with canned chickpeas)

Rosé (have with tuna sandwiches!)

Next Step (for your pasta nights)

Devils Advocate (great with frozen pizza)

Pinot Noir (great with smoked salmon and bagels)

Serenata (for when you finally pull that beautiful roast out of the freezer)

No need to risk infection by going to the liquor store – we will ship right to your door! Wine comes with a 10% discount.

*pantry essentials not included*

Image and info courtesy of the winery.

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