Clos du Soleil Acquires Whispered Secret Vineyard

Clos du Soleil Acquires Whispered Secret Vineyard in the Similkameen Valley

Clos du Soleil is delighted to announce the acquisition of Whispered Secret Vineyard in Keremeos, Similkameen Valley, BC.

Clos du Soleil has been working with grapes grown in the Whispered Secret Vineyard since 2014, developing a deeper relationship with this vineyard over the years. Where initially the winery purchased just the Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown here, as the years passed the team made the decision to lease the vineyard and farm it themselves. As more time passed, Clos du Soleil became more and more enamoured with this secret pocket of land. So, when the company was afforded the opportunity to purchase the entire property in recent months, they jumped at the chance to add it to their already stellar lineup of vineyards.

“For many years now this vineyard has provided some of the highest quality grapes going into our flagship Capella white wine,” reveals Michael Clark, Managing Director and Winemaker at Clos du Soleil. “In addition, it has provided 100% of the grapes for our late-harvest Saturn wine, as well as our more recent Winemaker’s Series Pinot Gris.” In short, the permanent addition of this vineyard to Clos du Soleil’s portfolio of properties brings with it the promise of an ongoing and consistent supply of the top-class fruit required to create the classic terroir-driven wines Clos du Soleil specializes in. “We are absolutely delighted to have secured this property for the future of Clos du Soleil,” says Clark. “This vineyard consistently produces extremely high quality fruit, that goes into our highest-tier wines at Clos du Soleil.”

Situated on the south side of the Similkameen Valley, on a north-facing slope close to the Similkameen River, the Whispered Secret property is geographically close to Clos du Soleil. Being on the other side of the valley, however, it has much cooler growing conditions. This makes it ideal for the varieties planted there – Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, as well as a small block of Merlot, all planted 15 years ago – as well as the style of Clos du Soleil wines. “The nature of this site produces wines with the signature Similkameen minerality and laser-like acidity that is the hallmark of our wines,” says Clark. What’s more, with the the property registered for organic status several years ago, and anticipated to be awarded full certified organic status following the 2020 harvest, “I believe that the transition to organic status will only increase the quality of fruit from this vineyard.”

Vineyard & Operations Manager Steve Roche agrees that the purchase of Whispered Secret is a wonderful addition to the Clos du Soleil family. In fact, he waxes quite poetic about the vineyard: “Whispered Secret has to be the most enchanting piece of vineyard land I have ever farmed,” he reveals. “Nestled between sheer rock faces to the south and the babbling waters of the Similkameen river to the north, here we have beautiful alluvial, loamy soils, with fantastic drainage, perfect for cultivating our superlative Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris.”

With the 2020 harvest already underway and looking to be quite the vintage, this 10.3 acres of stunning Similkameen wineland is no longer a whispered secret. It will, however, continue to be one of the secrets to Clos du Soleil’s winemaking magic.

Whispered Secret Vineyard soaking up the Similkameen sun
Sauvignon Blanc grapes growing in Clos du Soleil’s Whispered Secret Vineyard

About Clos du Soleil Winery
Clos du Soleil is an artisanal winery and estate vineyard in Keremeos, BC and is located on the Upper Bench of the southern Similkameen Valley in British Columbia, Canada. We produce ultra-premium quality wines, borrowing an aesthetic derived from the great wines of Bordeaux, but stamped with the flavours and aromas of our particular piece of rocky Similkameen land. Through traditional winemaking techniques, informed by research, but adhering to the philosophies of minimal-interventionist winemaking and biodynamic viticulture, we produce wines that are complex and classic, age-worthy and elegant.



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