Spot Prawn Season at Mott 32

Mott 32 Vancouver Readies for a Sweet Spot Prawn Season With Lineup of Features Available Now

Mott 32 Vancouver ushers in BC spot prawn season with a collection of features spotlighting the sustainable catch. Dishes are available now, through the season (usually about one month) on both the nightly dinner and weekend lunch menus. The features have been designed by chefs Hongwei He, Executive Chef and Jian Hui Li, Dim Sum Chef.

Dim sum dishes will be available to order a la carte. Patrons can also order spot prawns by the pound at market price ($68.00) and enjoy them as their choice of wok features below or simply boiled with aromatics.

Spot Prawn Features

Fruits and Spot Prawn ($24.00)
spot prawn, strawberry, honeydew, cantaloupe, mango, chum salmon caviar, tobikko, mayonnaise

Spinach Spot Prawn Dumplings ($18.00)
spinach, spot prawn, black vinegar

Steamed Spot Prawns with Vermicelli (market price)
spot prawn, pickled chili, garlic, vermicelli

Twice Wok-Fried Soy Spot Prawns (market price)
spot prawn, ginger, scallion, soy

Wine Director, Robert Stelmachuk, has curated British Columbian wine pairings for each dish. Available by the glass or bottle.
Highlights from the menu include the Fruits and Spot Prawn, a crispy fried pocket of rice wafer loaded with fresh fruits and prawns. A topping of tobikko and chum salmon caviar is added here to balance the sweet elements of the dish. The dish is inspired by the family favourite and kid-friendly fruit spring rolls popular in Chinese restaurants. Sweet prawns are expertly paired with pickled chili and garlic in the Steamed Spot Prawns with Vermicelli; this dish lets the sweetness of the prawns shine while adding a pleasant heat.

Reservations can be made online via OpenTable, email, or by phone at +1-604-861-0032. Mott 32 located at 1161 West Georgia Street, Vancouver.

About Mott 32
Mott 32 represents modern Hong Kong as well as a new chapter of Chinese dining. Founded in 2014 in Hong Kong, the restaurant takes its name from the address of the first Chinese convenience store in New York City. The Cantonese-focused menu also spotlights other regional dishes of China, focusing on uncompromising quality and sustainable sourcing. The Mott 32 kitchen is helmed by Maximal Concepts’ Group Managing and Culinary Director Malcolm Wood and Chinese Group Executive Chef Lee Man Sing. Mott 32 now operates locations in Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Singapore, Seoul and Vancouver, with soon to open locations in Bangkok and Dubai.

Media release and images provided by Jason Haugen, Leila Likes.

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