Hop Valley Brewing Co. Invites Canadians to Freeze and Smash Their Bitterness on June 1

Hop Valley Brewing Invites Canadians to Smash the Items That Make Them Most Bitter

Hop Valley Bubble Stash uses Cryo Hops™ to create a less bitter IPA, and they’re using the same
technology to help Canadians get rid of their bitterness

Hop Valley is pleased to present Smash for a Bubble Stash – an event in Toronto at CRAFT Beer Market (1 Adelaide St E) on May 25 and Vancouver at CRAFT Beer Market (85 W 1st Ave) on June 1. To introduce Canadians to its refreshing, less bitter IPA, Hop Valley is inviting consumers to cryogenically freeze and smash items that are making them bitter.

Hop Valley partnered with Yakima Chief Hops to develop the revolutionary Cryo Hops™ brewing process. They take a lupulin gland from the hop cone, cryogenically freeze them and then smash them – to create enhanced flavours, aromas and a less bitter, refreshingly different IPA. Cryo Hops™ are a perfect example of science and technology entering the hop industry, driving new ways to implement and elevate hop flavours and aroma into beers.

Not only does Hop Valley use cryo technology to brew Bubble Stash, but they’re inviting you to come down and Smash For A Bubble Stash. By using their cryo technology to freeze items and smash them, Hop Valley is inviting people to shed any lingering bitterness for a brighter 2022 and beyond.

“It’s been a rollercoaster few years, and we want to give Canadians the opportunity to release their frustrations and end their bitterness.” says Steph McLarty, Senior Brand Manager, Hop Valley Canada.

“Our unique way of brewing Hop Valley creates a beer that is less bitter, without sacrificing the flavours and aroma that IPA drinkers love. Our Smash For a Bubble Stash event is here to give Canadians a fun teaser to Hop Valley’s brewing process while allowing them to literally smash their lingering bitterness away.”

Canadians can book a time slot at SmashForABubbleStash.ca to take part in the Smash and gain exclusive VIP access on the day of the event including food, drinks and Hop Valley swag bags.

Spots to smash are limited, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still join the celebration and have a glass of Bubble Stash all while watching the smashing display.

For more information, and to book a spot, please visit: SmashForABubbleStash.ca

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Media release and image provided by Julia Dumbrell, Citizen Relations.

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