“Culture Tastic” online cooking class salute Indigenous history and culture

Indigenous Cuisine depicts Canada’s history and culture

EverythingGoesVirtual.com (EGV) takes a new hybrid approach to interactive cooking classes on Saturday, June 25, 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. This time, we are celebrating Canada’s history and culture through the art of cooking. June is Indigenous Month, chef Paul Natrall will cook for us live from Richmond, BC. Four guests will be on location while other participants will join online.

“We support the idea that the virtual cooking event allows interaction without limitation on location, age, or race. More importantly, it is a medium to promote culture, understanding, and inclusivity through cooking, similar to the values of Trail Appliances,” says Cara Kampff, Senior Brand Manager at Trail Appliances Ltd. “This is a wonderful way to learn Indigenous history and culture outside of a classroom setting and, even better, through the love of cooking and food,” she adds.

What the EGV platform strives to achieve is the interaction between the chef and participants through live communication. For instance, the chef can review the progress of the participants and give live feedback. The participants can also type their questions and comments on Chat, or simply ask the chef “face to face”. It makes a big difference than to watch a cooking video on YouTube!

Chef Paul is from Squamish Nation in North Vancouver, he specializes in Indigenous Cuisine, showcasing traditional ingredients, ancient cooking methods for locals and people around the world. The goal is to showcase, educate, and share Indigenous food culture with everyone who is interested in learning the history of Canada.

The event raises funds for local charity Richmond Cares Richmond Gives. The class size is kept small to offer an exclusive experience. EGV will send an ingredients box to each of the participants/families, with condiments measured. The public can participate by preparing their own ingredients and watch on the website and Facebook Live, photos and videos can be shared on the website and social media.

This concludes the five themed episodes of Culture Tastic, with the last two episodes in a hybrid format. We look forward to more learning in the Fall.

For more information, please visit: https://www.everythinggoesvirtual.com/indigenouscuisine.html.

Media release and images provided by Helen Yu, Choice Communication.

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