#TasteofThursday Valentine’s Day Chocolate Tart recipe

Chocolate Tart 1/3 cup milk 1 cup whipping cream 2 tbsp butter 240 gr (8.5 oz) dark chocolate (55 to 70% cocoa content recommended) 4 eggs 1 tsp pure vanilla 1 sweet shortcrust pastry shell Sweet Shortcrust Pastry (Pâte Sablée) Prep Time 1 9″ pie 20 min Cook Time Passive Time 20 min 12 hours … Read more

Hello Vancouverite Gourmands!

  The season has arrived, the holiday season that is… the one where all indulgences are allowed!  “People who love to eat are always the best people”. You probably already heard that famous quote from Julia Child… Isn’t she right? Whether you join food enthusiasts  in a cooking class, or plan your own party, get … Read more

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