Wills’ Jams new album Rocks & Roots launches May 14 : Husband and wife duo celebrate 10 years in music with Will’s Jams’ 10th album

Inspiring kids to be active, healthy, creative and engaged in the world through educational music is a tough calling.  However, Stroet’s celebration of nature, wildlife and family through “Rocks and Roots” is a masterpiece of mischief and music, further cementing Will’s Jams as the ultimate star of children’s rock and roll. Get ready for the mosh pit, kids!

Cutting-Edge Performance Capture Studio A Coup for Vancouver Film School

Vancouver’s Film and Television industry just got another big boost. Last week, the Vancouver Film School (VFS) announced an industry leading partnership with cutting-edge performance capture company Mimic Performance Capture, Inc. (Mimic) to build Canada’s largest commercial performance capture studio at VFS’s world-renowned Film Production campus. While some may see this a just another announcement, … Read more

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