TWG Tea Festive Set Menu December 10 to January 3

The magic never ends – soak up the joyous atmosphere at TWG Tea salons and indulge in the delectable Festive Set Menu. It contains your choice of hot Magic Christmas Tea, Christmas Lights Iced Tea, or a Magic Christmas Tea infused mocktail, paired with a main course and dessert. 


TWG Tea integrates a myriad of fine harvest teas and exclusive tea blends into our recipes as a most precious component, introducing a whole new world of sensations and flavours when dining or enjoying our gourmet offerings. Similarly, the seasonal theine-free Magic Christmas Tea releases a sweet flavour that subtly enhances the flavour of patisseries and chocolate bonbons.

A Magic Christmas with TWG Tea

TWG Tea’s highly anticipated Christmas tea of the year is the Magic Christmas Tea, a theine-free red tea that is a distillate of rare citrus fruits blended with hints of raw and dark chocolate, accompanied by a mélange of spices. Available from 4 December 2019 onwards, the Magic Christmas Tea range also includes TWG Tea gourmet favourites with a twist, such as Magic Christmas Tea infused Macarons, Log Cakes; and a Festive Set Menu available to customers dining at TWG Tea Salons from 10 December 2019 to 3 January 2020.  

A Loving Embrace with the Breakfast Queen Tea

Embracing the beauty of mothers around the world, TWG Tea introduces the Breakfast Queen Tea, a gift fit for the queen of your heart this Mother’s Day. Just as the radiant light of a morning sun glimmers in hues of sparkling gold, the morning tea of sweet citrus and soft floral overtones gently awakens the … Read more

TWG Tea Sweetens Up World Macaron Day with 1 for 1 Signature Tea-Infused Macarons

TWG Tea, the world’s finest luxury tea company, celebrates World Macaron Day (March 20th) with our signature tea-infused macarons, handcrafted with the most exceptional ingredients, where two sweet pieces of delicate meringue made with almond powder and egg whites meet a luxuriously smooth tea-infused ganache. Perfected by TWG Tea’s legendary Executive Patisserie Chef, Philippe Langlois, … Read more

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