On Saturday May 12, 2018, join the Chefs’ Table Society of British Columbiafor a celebration of iconic, local delicacy at the 12th Annual Spot Prawn Festival.   Available online: Get your 2018 Spot Prawn Festival tickets.   This year, there are three ways to enjoy the Spot Prawn Festival:   FREE – access to the docks, … Read more

WILD BC SPOT PRAWN BOIL at YEW seafood + bar

Local food lovers are counting down to the launch of Wild BC Spot Prawns on May 12 to abound on local plates for six delicious weeks. Wild BC Spot Prawns are a delicacy known around the world for their sweet, delicate flavour and firm texture. Best cooked with a gentle touch, Spot Prawns are delicious grilled, steamed … Read more

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