#DinersChoice The Twenty-two Metro Vancouver Winners :


The 9th annual Diners’ Choice Awards


Over 38,000 votes help crafted Metro Vancouver’s spotlight-worthy dining guide, with 22 comprehensive categories on a wide variety of regional Chinese and Taiwanese cuisines. Perfectly in time for your year of the Rooster’s dining journey!

The six-week long voting period encouraged the public to explore recommendations on the nomination list. 38,214 votes were received on both the Awards’ bilingual website and WeChat voting platform.


22 awards in total | *new awards this year

1. Best Cantonese Siu Mai

Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant

#101-4600 No.3 Road, Richmond (604) 279-0083


2. Best Shredded Turnip Pastry

Yuan’s Shanghai Serendipity Cuisine

#180-4260 No.3 Road, Richmond (778) 868-1238

3. Best Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles

Long’s Noodle House

4853 Main Street, Vancouver (604) 879-7879


4. Best Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken

Memory Corner

6900 No.3 Road, Richmond (604) 284-5434


5. Best Durian Glutinous Rice Dumpling

Kirin Restaurants

Various locations


6. Best New Restaurant – open less than one year (Presented by Van-Food Delivery)

Coco Fresh Tea & Juice

Various locations

7. Best Van-food takeout Restaurant (Presented by Van-Food Delivery)

Alvin Garden

4850 Imperial Street, Burnaby (604) 437-0828

8. Best Services Restaurant

The Jade Seafood Restaurant

8511 Alexandra Road, Richmond (604) 249-0082

9. Best Fine Dining Restaurant


1661 Granville Street, Vancouver  (604) 681-1313

10. Best Dim Sum Restaurant

Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant

3888 Main St., Vancouver (604) 872-8822

#102, 4940 No.3 Road, Richmond (604) 273-8208

11. Best Vegetarian Restaurant

Sun Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant 

1363 Kingsway, Vancouver (604) 255-8927

12. Best Cantonese Restaurant

Top Gun J & C Restaurant

Excel Centre, 8766 McKim Way, Richmond (604) 231-8006


13. Best Northern Chinese Restaurant


1661 Granville Street, Vancouver  (604) 681-1313


14. Best Shanghainese Restaurant

Shanghai River Restaurant

7831 Westminster Hwy, Richmond (604) 233-8885


15. Best Sichuan/Hunan Restaurant

Lucky Noodle Chinese Restaurant

#3-3377 Kingsway, Vancouver (604) 430-8818


16. Best Taiwanese Restaurant/BBT Café

Pearl Castle Café 

Various locations


17. Best Hot Pot Restaurant

Liu Yi Shou Hot Pot Restaurant

1542 Robson St., Vancouver (778) 379-3977

5507 Kingsway, Burnaby (604) 559-9888

#150, 4731 Garden City Road, Richmond

(604) 285-6122


18. Best Congee and Noodle Restaurant

Neptune Wonton Noodle

Various locations


19. Best Hong Kong-Style Café

Deer Garden Signatures 

Various locations


20. Best B.B.Q. Shop

Parker Place (Aberdeen) Meat & B.B.Q.

#1020-4380 No. 3 Road, Richmond (604) 233-1138


21. Best Bakery Shop

T&T Supermarket – Bakery Shop

Various locations


22. Best Food Court Stall

James Snack, Empire Centre 

Empire Centre Food Court

#1160-4540 No.3 Road, Richmond (604) 716-1328


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