5 Key Factors for Emotional Well Being This Spring


Every now and then our lives become weighed down and cluttered, if any of these steps resonate with you then its time to reflect and refocus and renew!


Identify what is and is not working in your life. Start a list, write down every

situation that comes to mind. Reflect on how these situations make you feel.


1) The Friend Cleanse: Beware the Emotional Vampire! – Do your friends

energize you and fill up your tank or do they suck the energy out of you,

leaving you feeling drained? Surround yourself with your personal

cheerleaders: people who build you up and support you I have been blessed

with an amazing group of friends and family who always have my back and

are there with pom poms in hand supporting my big mouthed crazy ideas!!

They have seen me at my best and have supported me in my worst of times!

If you are finding yourself putting more into certain friendships than you are

getting back and feel depleted, then it’s time to rid your life of those who do

not have your back.


2) The Heart/Relationship Cleanse – How long do you go between

relationships? Do you go from one relationship to the next? Do you have

a partner you’re afraid to leave because it’s comfortable and it’s what you

know, but it’s not really fulfilling you? Is there an ex you are constantly going

back to? This wears on the soul; if someone is no good for you and does not

fulfill your needs, move on. It takes a lot of guts and courage to leave a dead

relationship but it’s worth it in the end, because you should feel you’re worth



3) The Soul Cleanse – Mental health is what determines our productivity,

happiness and value, not just to ourselves, but also to others. Nothing in your life

is going to come organically and easily, if you are constantly battling your

own personal demons. “Doing the work” on yourself, and really getting to

know yourself, and getting to a place where you love yourself, is paramount

to having healthy relationships with others, as well as being a loving, happy

and nurturing person. See a therapist, do yoga, meditate. Centre yourself by

getting to know and love yourself.


4) Family Matters – Hey, we all know that families don’t come packaged as

perfectly as the Cleavers. We all have some interesting family dynamics and

probably a fair bit of emotional family baggage. As we get older and our

familial relationships deepen, age, and evolve, often without having dealt

with past scars and traumas, we take on that energy as we move through

our life. Detoxing yourself of old family wounds can only come from dealing

with them head on. It can be daunting and even scary, but taking the steps

to make peace with family members is well worth the energy and emotional

investment, as it is a very important and integral step in finding your way

to emotional health and in becoming a complete and whole, happy human



5) Living Well – Hand in hand with being in tip-top emotional health is of

course, physical health. Getting your body and mind in tune and in optimal

fitness brings everything together. Exercise and healthy eating makes a

world of difference to how you feel and contributes to an overall state of

wellness and happiness. Reduce or eliminate stresses, eat nutritious foods,

get regular exercise and some solid Zzzz’s and you will notice a difference in

how you move through the world.


When we declutter our emotional baggage we create the space in our lives needed to allow the real magic to happen!!



Christa Meister

Christa profile

Christa is an advocate for health, wellness and personal development while continuously pushing herself towards constant evolution. She is the General Manager for  Steve Nash Fitness World Kitsilano and also is an Academic Instructor with La Salle College International, her freelance projects have included Co Publishing the 2012 CRAVE Vancouver Guide,  rebranding the Langara Holistic Image Consulting Program, she currently has multiple writing projects in development!

Christa believes in building solid long-term partnerships that effectively enrich the lives of those involved and the way to heart is coffee, cookies and clothing!







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