German Dim Sum Event at Cambie Kitchen May 10

Asian Foods Featured with German Wines in BC Liquor Stores this May


German wines will share the spotlight with Asian foods in BC Liquor Stores from May 6 to June 2, 2014. 60 stores will feature lively displays of a select 12 German wines, all pairing perfectly with the myriad flavours of Asian cuisines. A FREE consumer event will kick off the delectable dim sum with Deutsches wien.


What could be more delicious than a crisp, refreshing German Riesling to balance with traditional Chinese Dim Sum flavours? This is what Wines of Germany had in mind when they announced their sponsorship of a month long thematic within 60 BC Liquor Stores throughout the month of May. German wine Portfolio Manager Barbara Philip selected the 12 wines that will participate in the promotion and local sommelier Mireille Sauve  developed, in conjunction with Wines of Germany, a detailed brochure which will be distributed free of charge at al participating locations. The brochure offers professional tasting notes to guide consumers to their preferred wine style, as well as detailed food pairing suggestions which showcase exclusively the cuisines of Asian regions.


At the consumer event on Saturday, May 10, 2014, consumers can try samples, at no charge, of all 12 featured German wines paired with authentic Chinese dim sum from Vancouver’s Chinatown eatery, Floata Seafood Restaurant. Steamer baskets will be stacked high, filled with Ha gow and sui mai, which visitors can try with all 12 featured wines, presented by accredited Sommeliers on a rotation throughout the event. Details for the event are as follows:



Cambie and 39th Signature BC Liquor Store (Cambie Kitchen)

Saturday May 10, 2014

3-6 pm


Wines of Germany are generally heralded as great food friendly wines. This is a very bold statement, but most sommeliers and other food and wine professionals will agree. British Columbia, being the multi-ethnic province that it is, hosts a wide array of cuisines that virtually reach out for German wines. The  not really secret here is the variety in styles (dry to sweet, sparkling or still), grape varieties (Riesling and Pinot Noir, to name the top ones of either white or red) and the distinct levels of richness (light to full,  to honey like) plus, based on the cooler climate, the wines generally have a good amount of acidity (considered vital for a great food wine) and lower levels of alcohol than warmer climate peers.


“If you don’t love German wines, you just have not yet found the right one for you.”


Visit BC Liquor Stores this May to find your Perfect Pairings.

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