Unlocking your Feminine Power is showing up everywhere on the runway. No longer is at-the-knee or below-the-knee dresses & skirts too modest for us.  In fact, we’re reclaiming our ladylike ways.  It’s no surprise ~ we’ve maxed out the micro mini !

More importantly not every female can pull off a short skirt.   It’s good to feel a bit modest and especially rare as [most] anyone who owns a phone seems to enjoy a barrage of overindulgence by uploading everything a little too much too often!
Men appreciate a woman who isn’t showcasing all her goods to everyone. Let’s petition for a Kate Middleton bootcamp, shall we? Taking her style lead will benefit you in all ways. Think about the message you want to send out to people by how you dress.  The adage of ” dressing to impress” doesn’t suggest to show off … rather be mindful of dressing the best way you can.
At VOUS VALET, 90% of the merchandise is of the highest quality.  You can afford haute couture with good consignment shopping. We are the first consignment store to style you and help you define your style!
Increase your confidence with good craftsmanship!  Nothing changes your posture like well made clothing and accessories.  When a woman has the financial ability to purchase dresses over one thousand dollars, [ at V.V. most of our dresses retail for thousands per item] she not only takes special care of them but rarely wears them more than a few times so the woman who re-buys her piece in our location is more than grateful for the care she has taken to keep it pristine for you!
You will appreciate the garments that are high fashion – as our beloved COCO CHANEL would say, “Fashion fades only style remains”.  Translation: Buy the classics!  Buy from high end consignment for the biggest bang for your hard earned buck!  Luxury brands that you CAN AFFORD are at VOUS VALET.  Picture yourself making the most of your hard earned dollars into a stylish new you!  And ALWAYS ….Shop wisely at VOUS VALET as with cash you’ll receive more discounts!
All clothing and accessories from VOUS VALET, Vancouver.
Produced/Styled by E.C.Savenkoff
Photogtaphy:  Ellie Stewart & E.C. Savenkoff
Model: Amanda Jean McIntyre
MUA:  Ellie Stewart
Designers:  Valentino, Hermes, Tara Jarmon, Christian Louboutin, Mui Mui, Gucci Givenchy, Rene Caovilla, BCBG, Isabelle Fiore, JFG Designs, Vince Camuto & pieces from VOUS VALET Vintage Collections.
All rights reserved 2014
All photography owned by VOUS VALET, Vancouver and cannot be transferred, copied and/or distributed without legal consent.

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