So Many Handbags … so many women … so many choices!

When did it all begin? Discovered in September 1991 #Otzi the Iceman [a Mummy] was found with an assortment of articles, one was a “belt pouch’’ containing the necessities to start a fire. So far this is the oldest pouch on earth ~ about 5000 years old. Pretty colour, right?     Dating back to the … Read moreSo Many Handbags … so many women … so many choices!

Homage to the KING of FASHION

Even the most diehard, dedicated fashion floral fans, can’t deny that JIMI HENDRIX holds the torch for being the first to push, if not invent this look during the mid 1960’s. Year after year, the major fashion houses design similar military jackets, blouses, flare velvet pants,  from Balmain, to Dolce & Gabbana, Ana Sui and … Read moreHomage to the KING of FASHION

The Canada Line: Your Chauffeur to Vancouver’s best Vintage and Designer Shop

Lux Travel Diva has taken The Canada Line to the Yaletown Station heading for 1241 Hamilton Street and the ultimate recycled and repurposed consignment store, Vous Valet.