So Many Handbags … so many women … so many choices!

When did it all begin?

Discovered in September 1991 #Otzi the Iceman [a Mummy] was found with an assortment of articles, one was a “belt pouch’’ containing the necessities to start a fire. So far this is the oldest pouch on earth ~ about 5000 years old. Pretty colour, right?



Dating back to the #Egyptian hieroglyphics the men were often seen with pouches.  For those reading this who and up on your biblical knowledge are aware that Judas Iscariot worn one. Throughout history small bags were used for transporting seeds, coins or pieces of gems often used for bargaining at the market place.


Fast forward to 1300 AD , here is photo of possibly the oldest ladies bag found to date, made of brass with scenes of courtly life in gold and silver.



By the #14thcentury men still ruled as the carrier for bags yet interestingly both sexes would wear two kinds.  One small draw string #pouch named a #hamondeys that would be attached to their #girdle [300 years later a pocket was invented and this carrying method was outdated].  While another would adorn you as you carried it on the wrist.



Just as today, handbags over the centuries identified your social status decorated and ornate gems and lots of gold.  They were called Your  14th century #hamondeys was a display of your affluence.


Enter the 17th century #opulent era know as the Elizabethan when #fashion took a serious extravagant turn!  Over the top styling with men and women wearing enormous wigs, makeup and high heels. The name hamondeys changed to #chaneries. The poor however, wore a [cloth] #crossbody bag, which oddly enough is what most women prefer today when come into #VOUSVALET ! Of course our modern version are from our limited editions of luxury brands.


By the 18th century the English preferred the name #reticules and named them ‘indespensables” locking a major shift for women as they became hooked thus began the wardrobe staple.  From the 19th century to the turn of the next more lavish bags were created from various animals, crocodiles, alligators some of which have been re-sold at VOUS VALET.



By the 1920’s trail blazing Coco Chanel reinvented/invented new styles for women and by the February 1955 created the forever timeless classic #CHANEL handbag, hence the model name 2.55 which is still used today.  Most women hold onto their Chanels but often VOUS VALET will receive a few for re-selling purposes.  We have a private list of ladies whom we call the moment they arrive at the store.  If YOU want to be on our list to phone, please write us at with Chanel list in the subject tab.  #Classic chic is never outdated and always the perfect style for all ages and occasions.  Shop wisely at VOUS VALET buy with cash for additional discounts !  It’s no wonder we were awared BEST IN THE CITY shop for 2014.





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