Hawksworth Young Chefs Scholarship competition

Countdown to the Regional Heats


The Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship program is a non-profit culinary foundation created to provide a platform for talented young Canadian chefs to get a head start in their career. The winner of the 2014 Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship will receive $10,000, provided by the Chefs’ Table Society of BC, and a stage at a top international restaurant – giving them the inspiration and opportunity needed to develop their professional skills.


Regional Heats

This year the competition is expanding and offering two regional heats in Western and Central Canada. In each heat ten young chefs will compete against each other – and the clock – to create a main course dish for four within two hours, using ingredients from the pantry provided.

Western Canada (Calgary – SAIT) – June 22 Competitors

Alexander Fraser                  Model Milk                    Calgary

Douglas Dika                        Glo                                Victoria

Lukas Gurtner                       Sonora Resort              Sonora Island

Yi Felix Zhou                         Nita Lake Lodge           Whistler

Stephen Baidacoff                Get Cooking                  Edmonton

Chad Rittenhouse                 Charcut                         Calgary

Michael Christiansen             Pear Tree                     Vancouver

Chris Pyne                             Notable                         Calgary

Richard Pilkington                 Notable                         Calgary

Corey Hess                            L’Abattoir                      Vancouver


Central Canada (Toronto – George Brown College) – June 25 Competitors

Aaron Moss                            Fern Resort                    Orillia

Alex Nacinovich                      Canoe                            Toronto

Brandon Grey                          Cafe Boulud                  Toronto

Canda Solomon Chau             Stock                             Toronto

Dana Gough                            Trump Hotel                   Toronto

Nehemiah Lim                          Jump                             Toronto

Michael Dolentre                      Shangri-La                     Toronto

Simon Wong                             Stock                             Toronto

Maria Marquez                         Canoe                            Toronto


Final Round

The top candidates from each heat continue on to the black box challenge at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver on September 28th, 2014. The finalists will have two and a half hours to cook a main course and dessert course using all the black box ingredients. One will win the ultimate prize of $10,000, provided by the Chefs’ Table Society of BC, and a stage at a leading international restaurant.

 Photo credit: Jessica Haydahl Photography

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