Wine Wednesday

I always like offering a great deal on Wine Wednesday. Partly because everyone likes a bargain but also because newcomers don’t have to shell out big bucks to find out if this wine is for them. Woodbridge Chardonnay is from the sure hands of Robert Mondavi. The name Mondavi is one of California’s most recognized and respected winemakers. When you have a glass of this new world chard you’ll understand why.

I love the aroma of green apples and peaches which is always a pleasant reminder of warmer weather on a dreary fall day. I was impressed with the rich, tropical taste. The wine is medium bodied with a hint of oak. That added to the heft of the wine and it’ll stand up to strong cheeses, smoked salmon or creamy pasta dishes.

To make this even a better buy check out the price. From now until the end of the month you can buy Woodbridge Chardonnay for $11.00 at B.C. Liquor stores. That’s two dollars off the regular price which still makes this wine a great buy.

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