Kitsilano Ping Pong Social Club


We’d like to introduce you to our exciting new Kitsilano Ping Pong Social Club. Nearly 6 months ago our club began with a few friends playing Ping Pong at The Billy Bishop Legion (located at 1407 Laburnum Street off Cornwall Avenue). We’ve shared our event with friends, on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and through flyers. It’s become somewhat of a favourable event for Thursday nights but could use some extra help spreading the word. This is a licensed event in the upper level of “The Billy” from 8:30pm to 11:30pm.

Our social club has two sides to it. First is the candlelit lounge area where visitors can socialize, play cards, play Jenga (yah, Jenga!) purchase a Kits Ping Pong T-shirt ($10) and enjoy a beverage of their choice. We serve $5 beers, highballs or glasses of wine. The lounge leads to the playing area where visitors can rent a table for 30 minutes ($10/table) or 60 minutes ($15/table). Players compete one-on- one o two-on-two at any one of the 6 tables available to rent. We provide paddles and balls with each table rental, included in the rental fee.

Our goal is to draw more attention to “The Billy” as it deserves to be more appreciated in the community. “The Billy” is one of very few legions in the country that has been designated as a wartime museum due to its collection of historical artifacts on the walls. The main level of The Billy Bishop Legion has its own bar, television, fireplace, jukebox, ATM, dart room and comfortable seating area. It goes without saying that the Legion does not allow anyone to wear hats as a respectful salute to veterans.

There is no cover to visit the Kitsilano Ping Pong Social Club and everyone over the age of 19 is invited to join us. We welcome all levels of play in the Ping Pong area as it is aimed at being more of a social engagement. Our Ping Pong club’s director (Jer Baum) welcomes couples, private parties or corporate functions to make reservations in advance. Larger private rentals are based on “The Billy’s” room rental schedule and availability.

Kitsilano Ping Pong Social Club The Billy Bishop Legion (upper deck) 1407 Laburnum Street 604-368-1979

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