Wild Sweets launch “The Atelier” for the Holidays

Celebrated Chocolate-Makers and Authors 

   By demand, Wild Sweets opens their door to the public

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By popular demand and in time for the holidays, the international award-winning food and chocolate artists, pastry chefs and authors, Dominique and Cindy Duby of Wild Sweets, open The Atelier, a pop-up boutique in Richmond, BC, open Saturdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Located at Unit 2245 – 12191 Hammersmith Way, see WildSweets.com for more.

What to Find in Store:

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Wild Sweets promises a luxurious range of products that are unique in the chocolate and dessert world. Many of their delicious desserts are inspired from time-honoured recipes taken from their third cookbook, Definitive Kitchen Classic: Crème Brûlée, published in 2008, and now a best seller.


Wild Sweets specializes in Chocolate made from cocoa bean-to-bar. As a result, Wild Sweets can keep its out-of-this-world chocolate products competitively priced. The new micro-store provides customers a wide range of products made with the Dubys’ vintage limited edition chocolate and a mixture of exotic ingredients and novel techniques that showcase relentless creativity.


Offering a limited-selection of premium desserts on Saturdays, The Atelier is a novel, art-gallery-inspired extension of Wild Sweet’s haute couture chocolate virtual boutique. Seasonal items such as the ‘Orna-Tree’ and ‘Santa-Sphere’ coco Art Sculpture, are also featured in the store.


Products that have a longer shelf life, such as spreads, bars, caramels, and confections do not need to be pre-ordered online and can be purchased directly from the micro-store on Saturdays. For the range of items offered, almost all products are finished à la minute and thus always ultra-fresh. Perishable items such as cakes and other similar desserts are exclusively made to order and can only be purchased via the online virtual boutique. Order by Thursday at 5:00 PM for pickup on Saturday.



“Our promise is to provide consumers a luxurious range of chocolate and dessert products that are unique in the chocolate world. We think of every piece of our chocolate as a beautiful art piece. It’s satisfying and appealing on all senses,” says Dominique Duby.


About Wild Sweets:

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Wild Sweets by Dominique & Cindy Duby is a virtual chocolate boutique launched in November 2013. The artisan boutique provides customers with the convenience & desserts. The online boutique is open every day of the year to allow customers tobrowse the products at leisure.

Wild Sweets specializes in chocolate made from authentic cocoa beans that follow a rigid and standardized vintage chocolate making process .The product line offered at Wild Sweets relies on the principle of being inspired by nature, guided by science, designed by technology and crafted by art.

Wild Sweets is an internationally critically acclaimed company that has won many top chocolate awards in global competitions. It won several gold, silver and bronze medals including Best Overall Chocolate Bar / Caramels awards in International Chocolate competitions in San Francisco, Seattle, London (England) as well as winning Best Chocolatiers & Confectioners in America Awards in 2013 and 2014.

About Dominique and Cindy Duby:

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Dominique and Cindy Duby are world-acclaimed chocolatiers and owners of DC Duby Wildsweets. They have won many international gold and silver medals and continue to be valuable contributors of trade articles in food magazines worldwide. The Dubys have written various critically-acclaimed recipe books such as Wild Sweets Chocolate: Sweet, Savoury, Bites, Drinks, Crème Brulee and Wild Sweets: Exotic Dessert and Wine pairing.

They regularly work with food scientists to research, develop, and implement techniques to create new tastes and textures that improve the Palette of flavours which they offer.

For more information on Wild Sweets By Dominique & Cindy Duby, please visit www.dcduby.com, or call 604-277-6102, and follow the conversation on Facebook or Twitter.


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