CONTEST – win two tickets to a Quini wine tasting at Sutton Place Wine Merchant

CONTEST – win two tickets to a Quini wine tasting at Sutton Place Wine Merchant

For the month of March we are giving away six pairs of tickets to each wine tasting!

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Expect a wine tasting like you’ve never experienced before. An interactive journey into wine that uses your iPhone, iPad, laptop or Android phone to take you on an informative discovery that will last a lifetime.

“We’ve enhanced our winter programs with simple but effective tips on how to taste wines like a pro and remember them all, which wine and food festival fans should appreciate.”

Quini event partners in Vancouver include the prestigious Sutton Place Hotel and Sutton Wine Merchant.

All Quini education events are led by Quini Certified Educators (QCE). Wine tastings are done using the Quini app on participant smartphones and tablets, following the Quini five step wine tasting standard.


Thursday, March 5th – Aromatic Wines

Thursday, March 12th – Discover BC Wines

Thursday, March 19th – French Wines Revealed

Thursday, March 26th – Hidden Gems

Sessions begin at 6:30pm. Wi-Fi connectivity and Quini app download 6:30 pm – 6:55 pm. Session starts at 7:00 pm sharp. Cost is $15.00/person


Aromatic Wines

Together we will delve into the exotic world of aromatic wines.

“Rose”, “Apricot”, “Orange Peels”… Those particular aromas are perfume in a wine glass. Mesmerizing on the nose, subtle in the mouth. Tantalize your senses by learning and tasting the likes of Gewurztraminer, Muscat, Torrontes and others. Grow your knowledge following the Quini tasting standard to record your impressions that will set you on a path to a richer wine experience.


Hidden Gems

Be a smart and savvy shopper! The price of wine is influenced by the economic law of markets, just like all other consumer goods. It also has to withstand Mother Nature’s temporal changes in weather and climate. What you end up with are fluctuations in price and quality between wine producing regions. Take advantage of this knowledge and be a consumer in the know.

You are invited to a tasting during which we will explore a few of those regions that offer quality wines at hard to beat prices. You will also walk away with a better understanding of your personal taste, preferences and how to expand this knowledge through proper wine tasting, following the Quini tasting standard.


French Wines Revealed

Attention Wine Lovers: Join us on a journey through France as we explore the quintessential principles that capture the spirit of this great wine nation.

The French are passionate about their wines and for good reason. Discover the “je ne sais quoi” that makes French wines so unique and attractive. How do they taste? Why are we drawn to their wines? And why have they prevailed to be a leading wine producer? Let us guide you on a fascinating journey of discoveries exploring French terroirs and their wines.

This course is for all wine lovers who wish to understand French wine and learn the wine tasting technique using a state of the art, fun and easy-to-use application following the guidelines of the Quini tasting standard.


Discover BC Wines

Understand the expanding world of British Columbia wines.

Embark on a tasting that takes us back to the origins of BC wine; where it all began and where we have emerged today. Taste and journey through a variety of local wines the world has savoured. Learn how to capture the unique aromas indigenous to BC’s finest as you uncover your personal preferences and develop a deeper appreciation for our local gem. This session is more than just about wine; it is about discovery. Unveil your senses, preferences and what a good wine means to you, and no one else.


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  1. Would love to win this and experience this with my spouse who hasn’t quite discovered different flavors of wine.


    1ST CHOICE – Thursday, March 19th – French Wines Revealed

    2ND CHOICE – Thursday, March 12th – Discover BC Wines

    3RD CHOICE – Thursday, March 5th – Aromatic Wines

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