Naramata Spring Release 2015


naramata bench wineries


There are so many outstanding wineries on the Naramata Bench that it took two floors of Vancouver’s Terminal City Club to host their spring release event. Twenty-four wineries were in attendance including Poplar Grove, Monster Vineyards, Lake Breeze, Terravista, Deep Roots, La Frenz, Perseus, Kettle Valley, Serendipity, Howling Bluff, Upper Bench, Elephant Island, Quidni, Moraine, Black Widow, Misconduct, Lang, Therapy, Tightrope, Hillside, D’Angelo, Van Westin, Red Rooster, Black Widow and Bench 1775. Quidni Estate Winery (the former 3 Mile Winery) was a new one for me.



I started off on the top floor as I had been advised it was less crowded. I made my way around the room tasting whites only and then went back to the starting point and tasted any Rose’s that were available then it was on for a quick taste of the Pinot Noir or two before heading downstairs just in time to sample two more Pinots. I tasted far too few wines and my apologies to those I missed. The wineries that stood out for me included: Howling Bluff, Kettle Valley, La Frenz, Monster, Poplar Grove, Terravista, Lake Breeze and Bench 1775






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