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The Italian Trade Commission wine events are always top-notch affairs. They vet the wineries well, the registration is smooth, the food and venue first class and the tasting booklet informative and well laid out.


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At this event there were over 40 producers from 16 regions and 600 wines to sample. Piedmonte, Puglia, Sicilia, Toscana and Veneto were the best-represented regions. Many of the producers have their products listed in BC, while others are looking for agents to carry their products. I’ve learned from experience that one cannot taste them all and that a disciplined plan works best. I start off with a sparkling wine or two to cleanse the palate, and what better way to do that than with Prosecco, then a sampling of white wines before moving on to the reds. A quick glance through the booklet and asking friends and acquaintances what they have liked is always a good idea.



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I go in, take photos and then begin the rigorous task of tasting wines. This is serious business so spitting is a must, as long as one can find and make it to a spit bucket.


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Here are a few standouts of the day (some products are currently available in BCLDB stores, some in private stores and some may not be listed yet).



Cortona DOC Smeriglio 2012 Syrah

Cortona DOC Smeriglio 2012 Merlot

Toscana IGT Ardito 2011 (Syrah/Cab Sauv)

VDT Brut Rosé 2013


Delle Venezie IGT Lumina 2014

Prosecco DOC Ruffino NV


Domodimonti Societa Agricola

Licoste Offida DOCG Percorino 2014


Maria Feyles & Figli

Barbaresco DOCG 2007

Barolo DOCG 2007

Barbera D’ Alba DOC 2007


Piedmontop Consorzio

Barbera D’ Alba DOC 2012

Barbera D’ Asti DOCG 2012

Ruché Di Castagnole Monferrato DOCG 2014


Cantine San Marzano

Il Pumo Primitivo Salento IGP 2013

Il Pumo Negroamoro Salento 2014

Talo’ Malvasia Nera Salento IGP 2013

Talo’ Primitivo Di Manduria DOP 2013

Anniversario 62 Primitivo Manduria DOP Riserva 2012               (one of the best of the day)


Bisol Finest Prosecco

Vaporetto Prosecco DOC

Le Tenute Di Genagricola

Tenuta S. Anna Cuvée Rosé





Italian Trade Commission


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