Chambar raises $82,500 for #SweetRelief over Easter Weekend


Vancouver restaurant nearly doubles initial goal for 24-hour fundraising marathon

The team at Chambar is very proud to announce that the first-ever #SweetRelief fundraiser has surpassed all expectations to net $82,500 for Vancouver-based charity Universal Outreach in support of its Advanced Beekeeper’s Training Program and the Liberia Pure Honey social enterprise in Africa. 

 chambar sweet relief

The restaurant stayed open for 24 hours with management and staff working non-stop between 4pm on Saturday, March 26 to 4pm on Sunday, March 27 in hopes of raising $50,000. That goal was achieved as of 5am on Sunday, March 27.

The total amount raised after 24 hours was $82,500!

A full 100% of ALL sales will benefit Universal Outreach’s anti-poverty honey and beekeeping initiatives within Liberia.

Devastated by last year’s Ebola outbreak, 83% of Liberia’s population lives on less than $1.73 CDN per day. Universal Outreach’s Advanced Beekeeper’s Training Program and its Liberia Pure Honey social enterprise and sales division allow a mostly rural population of subsistence farmers to supplement their income with a marketable skill that does not require displacement from their family land. Beekeeping is also an alternative to income through deforestation.

Chambar to stay open 24 hours for #SweetRelief


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