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Italian Wines in the World – Wine Meridian’s Canada Tour 2016



Every time I go to a tasting of Italian wines, I am struck by the same thought – they just keep getting better and better. And for good reason, a lot of effort has gone into improving vineyard quality and modernizing equipment, all while retaining traditions that have made Italy famous for its wines.


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My most recent experience was at Brix and Mortar in Yaletown where Wine Meridian presented Italian Wines in the World. Here, I was treated to wines from a variety of regions. Most of the wineries on this tour were here to find wine reps to carry their wines, so there is little point in reviewing the wines that I tasted. Suffice to say, I was impressed with them and all were good to very good. All the principals were helpful and friendly and eager to talk about their wines.



The wineries represented included:

Accordini Stefano       Veneto

Cà ed Balos                Piemonte

Cesconi                       Trentino Alto Adige

Ciabot Berton              Piemonte

Contadi Castaldi          Lombardia

Domini Veneti              Veneto

Fazio Wines                Sicilia

Illica Vini                      Emilia Romagna

Latium Morini              Veneto

Le Rughe                    Veneto

Monte delle Vigne       Emilia Romagna

Petra                           Toscana

Pupillo                         Sicilia

Ribusieri                     Toscana

Tresanti                      Toscana

Velenosi                      Marche

Vitas                            Friuli Venezia Giulia




The sparkling wines, both Prosecco and Lambrusco, were all well structured, the whites exuded fresh fruit aromas and flavours and there was not an austere one in the bunch. Most of the reds were light and medium bodied but consistently packed with bright red fruit. Perfect for summer and versatile food wines. They were all quite delightful. And there were of course, more powerful reds, primarily those blended with some Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot that would please anyone who believes that the point of wine is to be big, bold and red.



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At the end of the session, the wine principals were off to the airport for their flight to Calgary for the last stop on their 2016 Canadian tour.



Brix and Mortar was a great venue for this event. The bright sky-lit inner courtyard enhanced the feeling of being in Italy and was a perfect compliment to the wines of the day. Kudos to the restaurant team, Michaela Morris, Dana Lee and Roberto Nicolle, and the Consulate General of Italy in Vancouver who helped make the day possible.


Taste the wine, taste the land.


sam the wine teacher

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