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My name is Mark Robbins and, together with my wife Kathy and daughter Jill, we run K and M Farms.

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When we started raising chickens and turkeys, our first priority was to raise them in their natural habitat: outside on the grass where the birds can peck, scratch, and forage for bugs. They also have access to a balanced vegetarian grain diet with no additives.

Our second priority was to grow chickens and turkeys closer to their full size. Our roasting chickens range from six to nine pounds. Turkey hens range up to twenty five pounds and the toms up to thirty pounds.

Our customers say, “Your chickens taste like real chicken,” or “like the chickens we raised on the family farm.” We invite you to taste the difference.

“Many people think organic birds are raised naturally outside but this is generally not the case. Our turkeys and chickens live outside and roam freely under trees and in pastures. They have shelters for protection against bad weather, but they do not return to the barns.”

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