The Praguery Story A Taste of Prague


Bringing an authentic taste of Prague to Vancouver, The Praguery features fresh-baked, sweet and savoury Chimney Cakes  inspired by the popular Czech dessert trdelnik, and Prague’s Cones  filled with soft-serve ice cream and coated with premium toppings.

Made daily with fresh, local ingredients, our menu  items are sure to satisfy taste buds of all ages and make you hooked after just one bite!

There’s No Place Like Home

Born and raised in Prague, Jaroslav Mestka moved to Vancouver in 2014 with little more than a suitcase, a dream to start a unique business, and fond memories of his favourite treat trdelnik (chimney cakes), a popular Czech dessert that originated in Transylvania, known as Kürtöskalács.

He remembered all the smiling faces in the crowds that would gather on street corners to watch this delicious, tunnel shaped doughnut dessert being made right before their eyes. Burned into his memory were the mouth-watering aromas wafting through the streets as the yeast raised pastry (known as a trdelnik in Czech) was baked on an open grill, then topped with cinnamon sugar while it was still piping hot.

Who could resist stopping by to taste a bite of this warm, freshly baked, melt-in-your-mouth pastry delight?

Hungry for his childhood treat, he became inspired to find a way to share this doughy goodness with his new community and diligently went to work to bring a taste of his home town to Vancouver.

And so began the story of The Praguery, the food truck that now proudly serves these sweet and savoury creations to smiling West Coast crowds and provides catering services for local parties or corporate events.

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