Donnelly Group cocktail bars to celebrate Old Fashioned Week from Nov. 2nd- Nov. 11th 

Donnelly Group cocktail bars to celebrate Old Fashioned Week from Nov. 2nd- Nov. 11th 


A special menu of variations on the classic to be offered at Clough Club and Granville Room


This November, hundreds of cocktail bars around the world will join together to celebrate the World’s most popular craft cocktail during the inaugural Old Fashioned Week. Donnelly Group is pleased to be joining this event by featuring a special menu of Old Fashioned cocktails at Clough Club and Granville Room throughout the 10 days of the festival.


First made over two centuries ago, the core elements of the Old Fashioned recipe—spirits, bitters, sugar, and water have remained constant to this day. Within that structure, endless variations of the Old Fashioned have been offered down the years, from gin and brandy to the more familiar bourbon or rye whiskey cocktails.


Many see the Old Fashioned as an ultimate test of a bartender’s craft, requiring patience, precision and care to ensure that the drink’s simple elements are blended into a balanced cocktail. Developing a signature Old Fashioned recipe is an essential part of any bartender’s repertoire.


To celebrate the Old Fashioned in all its variations, Donnelly Group will offer a feature cocktail menu with four inspired interpretations of the traditional recipe. The menu, created by Bar Director Trevor Kallies, explores the Old Fashioned using a range of different spirits, with recipes fine-tuned to enhance each one. The popular Rye Whiskey recipe is expressed using Lot 40, while versions using Olmeca Altos Tequila, Monkey Shoulder blended Scotch, and Havana Club 7 Yr. Rum offers a range of delicious options. Best of all, the cocktails are specially-priced at only $9 throughout Old Fashioned Week.


For more information on Old Fashioned Week, visit and visit to learn more about Donnelly Group’s vibrant cocktail culture.


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