Gotham to celebrate Spot Prawn season with delicious menu features

While Gotham Steakhouse & Bar is rightly famous for perfectly-grilled steaks, the freshest seafood has always taken its own proud place on Gotham’s sumptuous menu. From local sustainable caviar and oysters and the city’s best Crab Cake, to salmon and lobster and a stunning Seafood Tower, Gotham takes great pride in offering the finest seafood, prepared simply and carefully to let the flavours shine through.


There’s no fresher local catch than Spot Prawns, and this year Executive Chef Jean-Claude Douguet and Gotham’s culinary team will be preparing them two ways: a Spot Prawn Ceviche and a Spot Prawn boil.


For the ceviche, the prawns are deshelled and have the heads removed before being marinated in lime juice and Moroccan olive oil. The Asian-inspired Spot Prawn Boil sees the prawns boiled whole in court-bouillon before being served with a house made dipping sauce.


The Spot Prawn dishes will be offered as long as the catch is in season, and either option makes a delicious addition to any Gotham visit. For more information and reservations, visit



BC Spot Prawn Ceviche

Citrus-marinated with fresh vegetables, served with Baby Gem lettuce, avocado and micro cilantro


BC Spot Prawns with Asian Flavours

Boiled whole in ginger lemon grass broth, served with housemade Asian-inspired dipping sauce.


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