‘Raindrop: A Quest for Love’ to be staged at Gateway Theatre

A musical theatre, ‘Raindrop: A Quest for Love’, will be the center-piece at the 8th annual West Coast Tagore Festival on September 8. Its plot revolves around two parallel narratives of love and nature.

In one narrative, the dance-drama presents Dhora, the protagonist, as a young woman secretively questing for love. Looking from outside, she rather seems to be a happy single, even though her Fear, the antagonist, does not allow her to follow her true emotions. In the second narrative, Dhora appears as village soil getting dry deep inside and silently yearning for rain from Shyamal, the Dark Cloud; but her Fear does not let her welcome the changes she must undergo to embrace and enjoy the cloudburst.

The musical encompasses live presentations of some iconic compositions by Nobel winning lyricist Rabindranath Tagore. Noted Rabindrasangeet singer Shankhanaad Mallick directed the production.

Images: 2017 West Coast Tagore Festival. Photographer: Prajit Biswas

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