GIVEAWAY Playland’s Fright Nights

GIVEAWAY Playland’s Fright Nights

Halloween’s most anticipated event runs from October 5th to October 31st  Playland GIVEAWAY 


Fright Nights – Western Canada’s scariest haunt – is back at Playland on select nights from October 5 – 31.

With eight haunted houses, including the newest haunted house, The Bloodshed, it promises to be the scariest event you attend this Halloween.

Plus there are 20 rides to experience, such as The Beast, Atmosfear and the Wooden Roller Coaster. Returning favourites and Guinness World Record holders, Monsters of Schlock, will be terrifying guests with nightly shows from October 11 to 31.

Bring your friends to protect you, and a change of pants… just in case.

Get your Fright Nights tickets before they sell out! Save up to $6 on admission online. Upgrade to a Rapid Pass to get into all of the houses & our top 5 rides faster!

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NOTE: Fright Nights is not recommended for children 12 & under, guest 65 and older, guests with sensitivity to strobe lighting, guests with high blood pressure and/or heart conditions, and those who are pregnant.

Home to a family of ruthless mutant backwoods yokels, The Bloodshed, a dilapidated summer cabin that no one would ever want to vacation in, promises to be the goriest Halloween scene yet with rooms that capture such nightmarish and grisly detail, returning fans may be shocked they still can be scared out of their wits. Even the most cynical and seasoned Halloween fans will be on their phobic guards when they encounter the newest haunted house.

“We’re promising some truly unique surprises at this year’s Fright Nights with The Bloodshed on site,” says themed attractions Manager, Erin Cameron. “The house, encompassing approximately 2,400 square feet, comes complete with corpses, torture devices and legions of gore.”

Additionally, at Fright Nights, Canada’s most extreme pendulum ride, The Beast, will be returning this Halloween, alongside favourites like Pirate Ship, Hell’s Gate and Atmosfear.

For those looking for a paranormal experience, Haunted Mansion is geared to terrify even the bravest souls, and guests can attempt to overcome their fear of clowns in Car-N-Evil haunted house and face their deepest terrors in Darkness. Favourite haunted houses, The Asylum, Fear, Hollywood Horrors, and Keepers Doll Factory are also back.

Not for the faint-of-heart, returning favourites and Guinness World Record holders Monsters of Schlock will be terrifying guests. Guests can expect to be horrified with shows that feature meat hooks, and other cringe worthy entertainment. Playland’s favourite freak, Singe the Clown, is also back and up to his usual creepy antics. Featuring torture devices, rides and a park full of murderous ghouls, Fright Nights 2018 is bloodier and spookier than ever and is the perfect event for every Halloween lover.

Guests have the option to purchase a Rapid Pass, which offers the same access as a regular gate pass PLUS access to an expedited line for each Haunted House and The Beast, Wooden Roller Coaster, Atmosfear, and Hellevator. Guests will also be able to save $3 by purchasing tickets at participating 7-Eleven locations or online.

Timeline and pricing:

Due to the overwhelming demand and to ensure a quality guest experience, Fright Nights is putting a cap on the number of tickets sold per day. Tickets must be purchased for a specific date. Event nights have limited availability and may sell out.

For more information and to purchase tickets visit

Warning! Not recommended for ages 12 and under, seniors 65+, people with sensitivity to strobe lighting or fog machines, people with high blood pressure, heart conditions, pregnant women or scaredy-cats. Absolutely no guest costumes or guest costume face makeup allowed. 

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  1. I would take my boyfriend Andy & do what Ellen Degenerous does amd send him in the haunted houses before me and keep him as my protector lol fright nights sounds like spooky fun thank you. I haven’t been to it with him. #FrightNights 

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