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If there is one thing I know for sure it is that as wonderful as the Holiday Season can be it can also be hectic, crazy, mad, and busy. Besides making a thoughful gift for someone on your Christmas list Somerset Moss is the gift you deserve to receive for yourself. Soothing, relaxing, botanical, calming, and healing. Any of these natural products are worth trying if you have not used Somerset Moss before. If budget is stretched, as it often is at this time of year, the Balm is affordable and a good place to start. I personally recommend the Collection if it fits your budget. The Collection gives you a sampling of the three bio-plant products that I know you are going to love.



Somerset Moss blends the wisdom of ancient botanical practices with bio-plant actives backed by modern science. Discover their collection: Three botanical products can be blended, layered or worn alone, so you can adapt to whatever your skin requires.





Calm. Strengthen. Regenerate.

60ml – 2oz

15ml – 1/2 oz

This nutrient rich Facial Oil works to strengthen and regenerate the skin’s natural barrier, using an intricate blend of seed and berry oils from ten different botanicals sources.

Infused with florals and grounding essentials oils of ylang ylang, jasmine and cedarwood, this beautiful elixir is restorative for both the skin and the mind.




Refine. Replenish. Illuminate.

60ml – 2oz

This supercharged Facial Mist leaves skin luminous and hydrated. It is a delicate blend of jasmine flower water, aloe, and moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid.
Bio-active botanicals from white willow bark and maca root work to revive and refine tired skin.

It is infused with fragrant uplifting florals and grounding essentials oils of ylang ylang, jasmine and cedarwood.





Heal. Nourish. Protect.

30ml – 1oz

15ml – 1/2 oz

A healing balm designed to soothe lips, or any area of skin that is in need of some extra care.

The delicate blend of shea butter, avocado and camellia oil nourish and protect, while fragrant essential oils of frankincense, chamomile and carrot seed calm the skin and the mind.




Facial Oil (15ml)  Facial Mist (60ml)  Balm (15g)

The full works! Three products make up the Somerset Moss Collection: the Facial Oil, Facial Mist and Balm. They can be blended, layered or worn alone, so you can adapt to whatever your skin requires.

Somerset Moss proudly supports the non-profit social enterprise Carrall St Canvas Co. Each Capsule Collection comes in a canvas pouch that is hand-sewn by women in transition in Vancouver.


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Somerset Moss is a botanical, adaptive skincare collection created by Holistic Expert, Sam Miles. Three products make up the Somerset Moss Capsule Collection, the Oil, Facial Mist and Balm – the magic being that each can be blended, layered or worn alone depending on what your skin requires.

This adaptive, simplified approach to skincare is made possible because of the expertly blended, botanically-sourced ingredients that we draw upon. We take the highest grade of bio-plant actives and blend with naturally fragrant essential oils without fillers or unnecessary dilution. Our clean botanical ingredients will optimise your skin’s health, without disturbing the body’s natural rhythm and balance.

We are passionate about training our close-knit community to become ‘skintellectuals’. Yes, everyone has a specific skin type but that doesn’t mean that your skin’s condition isn’t changing all the time with the ebb and flow of your lifestyle. Follow us for tips that will teach you how to listen to your skin’s needs and respond in an appropriate way as part of your daily skincare ritual.

Somerset Moss has its roots in the English countryside and is made in small batches in Vancouver, Canada.

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