Laugh Out the Old Year and Welcome the New with Vancouver TheatreSports (Dec. 26-Jan. 4)

Laugh Out the Old Year and Welcome the New at Vancouver TheatreSports with

2019 Year in Review and 2020 Year of Predictions

Elections, mass demonstrations, climate change, impeachment scandals and perennial Vancouver favourite – ‘affordable housing’ – dominated the news headlines in 2019. Bid farewell to all that doom and gloom as Vancouver TheatreSports™ takes an improvised look at these top stories with 2019 Year in Review from Thursday, December 26 to Tuesday, December 31, 2019 at The Improv Centre on Granville Island.

VTS improvisers may also look behind the scenes of actual (though stranger than anything we could make up), hilarious headlines such as: “Picture of Egg becomes Top Instagram Post’, ‘Woman Hospitalized After Posing with Octopus on Her Face’, ‘Water Girl the Hit of the Red Carpet at The Golden Globes’, ‘Police Stop McDonald’s from Selling Milkshakes Near Nigel Farage Rally’, or this stunning story – ‘Man Fashions Fabulously Tiny Hats for Toad Who Visits His Porch Every Day’.

No news story, no matter how improbable, is safe from ridicule and the scenarios will be based on audience suggestions, challenging VTS’ quick-witted improvisers to create instant, unscripted comedy. While much of 2019 was no laughing matter, the VTS ensemble will have you crying tears of joy at their in-the-moment reinterpretations of the news-that-was, and you’ll leave the theatre feeling lighter and happier.

If laughing out the old year isn’t enough, join Vancouver TheatreSports™ from Thursday, January 2 to Saturday, January 4 for 2020 Year of Predictions. The VTS ensemble will forecast the top news stories of 2020. They’ll take the same irreverent approach to predicting the ‘news-that-might-be’ as they exhibited with the ‘news-that-was.’

“With all the bad news out there, everyone needs a good laugh right now,” says Artistic and Executive Director Jay Ono. “It’s been said that ‘laughter is the best medicine’ and I truly believe that.”

December 26, 2019 – January 4, 2020 | The Improv Centre | 1502 Duranleau Street (Granville Island)


December 26 | 7:30pm (90min) & 9:15pm (75min)

December 27 | 7:30pm (90min), 9:30pm (90min), & 11:15pm (45min)

December 28 | 7:30pm (90min), 9:30pm (90min), & 11:15pm (45min)

December 29 | 7:30pm (90min) 

December 30 | 7:30pm (90min)

December 31 | 7:30pm (90min), 9:30pm (90min) & 11:15pm (75min with party favours + a glass of bubbly)

January 2-4 | 7:30pm (90min)


From $12.75 online at

Tickets for New Year’s Eve performances from $38.25 online at

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