Richmond Wild Sweets® By Dominique & Cindy Duby were selected as one of the world’s ‘Top Places to Eat in 2020’

This is not the aspirational fluff of Instagram wall neon; it’s fact. Recent surveys have shown that a majority of travelers consider food first when planning a trip, even ahead of where they sleep. Add to this that people are also traveling more than ever before — earthlings logged a record-breaking 1.4 billion international trips last year — and it’s safe to say that the hunger for new culinary experiences is more ravenous than ever. While the endlessly alluring bistros of Paris, izakayas of Tokyo, shawarma stands of Tel Aviv, and tasting menus of Mexico City will always top many people’s lists of cravings, we’re continually on the lookout for something new to fill our bellies, our passports, and our feeds.

Which is why we’ve put together Eater Travel’s first-ever list of the most dynamic food cities in the world right this second. These 19 vital destinations are places where, for whatever reason, the food scenes today are resonating with appetites more than ever before. Whether it’s Pristina — Kosovo has the youngest population in Europe — where chefs are using food to establish a new national identity; or Lagos, where the buzz around the local art and music scenes are trickling onto the plate; or Marseilles, which has shattered its bouillabaisse-only rep to become France’s hottest food town; or — and trust us here — Milwaukee, where the forthcoming Democratic National Convention has put the cheese-curd city on its toes, these are the places you want to eat now.

To curate this list, we reached out to Eater’s vast web of culinary experts across the globe, who revealed where in their respective regions they’re most excited to eat. Then Eater editors dove in deep with on-the-ground research, local input, and reference to our own travel journals to come up with a collection of cities that celebrate the many magnificently diverse ways there are to eat in 2020. Guiding your appetite once you land are 19 corresponding maps — written by locals, made for travelers — to the utterly essential restaurants, cafes, street stands, bars, coffee shops, and market stalls in each of these edible wonderlands. So, with this — your wanderlust playbook for the next 12 months — in hand, it’s time to cash in those miles and open wide. Your next trip, and your next meal, await.

We are pleased to announce that Richmond Wild Sweets® By Dominique & Cindy Duby was selected as one of the world’s ‘Top Places to Eat in 2020’. Food authority website EATER released their top cities to eat in the world in 2020. Researched by their vast network of culinary experts across the globe, the team selected 19 different cities to create Eater’s first-ever list of the most dynamic food cities in the world. We are excited to announce that Richmond (Wild Sweets hometown – see below) was named in this very prestigious list and was the only Canadian city in this international mix of destinations.  

Locals know that Richmond has a diverse culinary scene with over 800 restaurants, but Richmond’s map on Eater doesn’t just focus on its large Asian culinary scene. Seattle-based food writer Jay Friedman took his research one step further – by visiting each location and sampling a variety of their dishes. As such, the list has become a global map of culinary delights highlighting restaurants, bakeries and eateries and we are thrilled to announce that Wild Sweets® By Dominique and Cindy Duby made the list of ‘Top Places to Eat in the World’. To view the complete list, see this link

21. Wild Sweets

12191 Hammersmith Way #2145, Richmond
BC V7A 5H2, Canada
(604) 765-9507

Located in the same industrial park as Fuggles & Warlock, Wild Sweets allows generous sampling of its vast selection of chocolate, ranging from truffles to bark to perhaps the best bet: single-origin bars sold at discount. Weekends are when the chocolatiers whip up some truly wild sweets to enjoy on-site or to go, typically concoctions that can include combinations of cake, ice cream, compote, creme brulee cream, and crunchy bits. [$]

From above, a cup of ice cream studded with mix-ins sits on top of a packaged chocolate bar beside a spoon on a white background
Custard ice cream with chocolate, peach mango fruit confit, and spiced almond paste creme brulee 
Wild Sweets / Facebook Visit Website

About Wild Sweets®: Dominique & Cindy Duby are world-acclaimed chocolate-makers, designer chocolatiers, celebrated authors, foodArt architects-photographers and owners of Wild Sweets® By Dominique and Cindy Duby. Dubbed Canada’s most notable sweet chefs, their list of international Kudos & Awards is extensive including being awarded ‘Best Chocolatiers in America’ and ranked one of the ‘25 Best Chocolatiers in the World’. For more information about The Team, see this link. In addition, they continue to work regularly with food scientists to research, develop, and implement techniques for their chocolate-making and other sweets processes and see more information in the Alchemist section at this link

Wild Sweets® also specializes in the long and painstaking multi-step process of making their own vintage chocolate in-house from premium cocoa beans. And specifically in the Art & Science of crafting a delicious healthy chocolate experience! As a science-based cocoa bean to bar chocolate-makers, we use science to identify and optimize the best production methods, but also to identify and apply production methodology that retain, and/or improve, the health benefits of cocoa / chocolate. And specifically aiming for the highest levels of antioxidant properties in our chocolate. We are currently doing a research project with the University of BC on the antioxidant properties of our bean to bar chocolate and see more information at this link

Media release provided by D.C. Duby

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