Science World Presents Arctic Voices The Exhibition That Takes Visitors On An Immersive Journey Into The Arctic

Science World Presents Arctic Voices The Exhibition That Takes Visitors On An Immersive Journey Into The Arctic

This interactive new gallery, presented by RBC with supporting partner Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, encourages visitors to explore the Arctic through the people, animals and plants that live there

On February 11th, Science World debuts its newest exhibition Arctic Voices, presented by RBC with supporting partner Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. This 8,000 square foot exhibition takes visitors on a riveting journey over the tundra and into the world’s northernmost biome. Enjoy an immersive experience of the fascinating, changing Arctic through its many voices: its people, ecology, wildlife and way of life. Starting February 8, Science World will be open 7 days a week, 10 am to 5 pm with enhanced safety measures in place.

Developed by Science North, in partnership with the Canadian Museum of Nature, Arctic Voices invites you to marvel at the sights and sounds of this tremendous and fragile region. Dance with auroras, hop on ice floes and learn just how deeply connected our everyday lives are to the Arctic through this feature exhibition that will leave you awestruck and inspired.

Arctic Voices will allow visitors to explore the impact of the changing climate in the far North through many lenses, including the land, sea, and ice. They will connect with the remarkable animals that live in the Arctic, the resilient people that inhabit this region, and the dedicated scientists who are helping to reveal what makes this place so unique.

“The Arctic may seem like an unfamiliar and distant place but it’s important to realize the impact our actions have on lands near and far,” said Tracy Redies, President & CEO of Science World. “The Arctic has terrestrial and marine ecosystems interdependent on one another, supporting both land and marine animals and plants, many of which are found nowhere else. They are feeling the direct effects of climate change. The Arctic is important to all of us and this exhibition makes the connection to help us understand the impact of our actions.”

Interactive elements of the exhibition include:

  • Relax and appreciate the wonder of Arctic whales in the Whales in the Arctic Theatre, and visit the interactive exhibit stations about each whale species.

  • Enjoy Arctic Animal Adaptations by participating in a multiplayer quiz where you take on the role of the researcher and interpret the behaviours of Arctic animals.

  • Participate in Bear Facts and study real skull and claw specimens to compare the paws, claws, and jaws of the three North American bears.

“RBC is thrilled to support an exhibition where Vancouverites can create a relationship with the people and places of the Arctic and the integral role they play in our future,” said Martin Thibodeau, RBC Regional President. “It was important for us to work with an organization who considers both scientists and Indigenous peoples as sources of credible knowledge for Arctic research.”

“The Arctic, despite its seemingly isolated location, is connected to all of us,” said Evangeline Englezos, Director, Community & Government Relations at Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. “As a Canada Port Authority, a key part of our mandate is on environmental protection, with a focus on reducing port contributions to climate change. The immersive and engaging elements of the exhibition allow visitors to explore the impact of changing climate in the Arctic through many “voices,” including the animals and plants that live there.”

This gallery is inviting for people of all ages.

Timed tickets are available for purchase at

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Media release and image provided by Larissa Dundon.

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