Celebrate National Caesar Day on May 20th with Matt & Steve!

Celebrate Canada’s Favourite Cocktail with Matt & Steve’s Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Caesar in the Original Lightly-Spiced or the NEW Hot + Spicy Caesar.

Whether you’re a Brunch-Queen or a Cottage-King sit back and let Matt & Steve guide you into the unofficial kick-off to summer. Did you know the Canadian Caesar was invented by Hotel Manager Walter Chell in Calgary in 1969?!

With years of experience as experts in pickled veggies (like the Extreme Bean!) most famously used as a Caesar garnish across the country, the Matt & Steve’s Original Caesar (topped with Caesar Rimmer, an Extreme Bean or Asaragoos) is the perfect way to bring this beloved Canadian staple to the cottage on National Caesar Day!

Did you know Canadians drink more than 400 million caesars annually? Keep this Canadian tradition going this year on May 20th, National Caesar Day, with Matt and Steve’s Ready to Drink Caesar.

According to Caesar experts, customization and experimentation are at the heart of making a Caesar. Former bartenders and roommates, now Canadian pickling experts, Matt Larochelle and Steve McVicker, did just that when they set out 21 years ago to find a better, more worthy, garnish than celery for Canada’s National Drink. They came up with the Extreme Bean.

Last year, they finally launched their own Matt & Steve’s Caesar. After spending over 20 years trying to perfect the beverage, they can chat about the history of the Caesar, what it means to Canadians and their tips for creating the perfect Caesar on National Caesar Day.

Here are some fun Caesar tips from Steve himself:

1. The Rim – The ideal rim will prepare the palette and enhance the flavours
2. Ice is Nice – Not only does it chill your Caesar, it also provides the perfect amount of dilution to the Alcohol.
3. The Pour – Make sure all ingredients are poured over the ice.
4. The Garnish – Should complement the flavours of the Caesar not overpower them.
5. RTD – if you choose a ready to drink make sure to chill and shake well before pouring or drinking right out of the can
6. Caesars are very personal – Have some fun and show your personality

Happy National Caesar Day!

Media release provided by Monica Barbero and Kyla Malcolm, Talk Shop Media. I received complimentary product to facilitate this feature.

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