Say hello to the Molson Brewmboni: Part Vacuum, Part Cooler, All Hockey

Molson Canadian Introduces the Brewmboni: Part Vacuum, Part Cooler, All Hockey
The Molson Brewmboni is the first robot vacuum of its kind that cleans your floor
and brings you cold beer

These days, the best seat in the house on game night is your house, and no game would be complete without an ice resurfacer rolling out in between periods. That’s why Molson is reimagining this iconic hockey symbol with the launch of the Molson Brewmboni.

The first of its kind, the Brewmboni is a mini robot vacuum turned beer cooler that will keep your floors sparkling and your beer cold, all the way from puck drop and until well after the fans clear out. With a whisper quiet motor, a sleek aerodynamic design, the ability to detect hard to clean messes, and a game night compartment perfectly molded to hold up to four Molson Canadian tall boys, the Brewmboni is the game-time companion that you didn’t know you were looking for.

“With the NHL playoffs ringing in a second virtual season, we know that Canadian hockey fans are missing the sights and sounds of their hometown arenas more than ever,” said Joy Ghosh, Senior Brand Director for the Molson family of brands. “The Brewmboni is a light-hearted way that we can bring fans closer to Canada’s game while enjoying an ice-cold Molson Canadian from the comfort of their squeaky-clean living rooms.”

While the Molson Brewmboni is currently in its prototype phase and not available for purchase at this time, Canadians can visit to learn more about this outrageous yet uniquely Canadian household staple and join the waiting list. Think you got what it takes to build your own? Go for it! Those who are brave enough to step up to the rink can try to build their own Brewmboni by downloading the computer-aided design files on the website.

About Molson Coors

The Molson brewery was formed in 1786, when John Molson didn’t just thirst for a great beer, but also for a better community. Molson Canadian continues his legacy today by finding ways to bring people together. Molson Canadian continues to be brewed in Canada today, with over 2,000 Canadian employees, across 5 breweries. To learn more about Molson Coors Beverage Company, visit, or on Twitter through @MolsonCoors.

Media release and image provided by Alicia Oliveri, Citizen Relations.

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