Yes to Long Weekends with Molson Coors and Aquarelle

Molson Coors Beverage Company 

Long Weekend Drink Picks

Long weekends are for fun and friends, bevies and more fun!


Introducing Aquarelle – the light vodka soda and vodka water beverage made with natural ingredients and a brand new look! Every can of Aquarelle includes a light, revitalizing sip with a hint of refreshing flavour. With no added sugar and just the right amount of bubbly or water, it’s the perfect 100 calorie, 0 carb  go-to beverage to enjoy all summer long. Available all over B.C. in 5 unique flavours including passion fruit, lemon lime, berry pomegranate, mango and blackberry. 

Price: $8.97 per 6-pack

What would you pair with your favourite flavour of Aquarelle? We like to ramp it up with some fresh fruit and maybe some ice or a cherry. Use your imagination.

How about if we make all the Aquarelle flavours party ready? That might be fun. Here are some of our ideas! We think they are all Long Weekend worthy.

blackberry still

How about a clear, still and unsweetened vodka water with the natural taste of fresh blackberries to go with? Perfectly smooth, perfectly chill and perfectly refreshing.

Why not dress up your Aquarelle blackberry vodka soda by adding some fresh blackberries and pouring your Aquarelle into a cool glass!

passion fruit

The passionate are always all in. this clear and clean tasting sparkling vodka soda is unsweetened and lightly carbonated with a natural blend of ripe passion fruit that gives both a crisp, tropical taste and a refreshing aroma to match.

Explore your passion by turning your Aquarelle passion fruit into a fruit salad just add a glass, fill it with a combo of fresh fruit and add Aquarelle!

mango still

Some are just naturally smoother than others. This perfectly clear, still and unsweetened vodka water has a light tropical taste of fresh, ripe mango with a hint of peach for a finish so smooth you’ll want to get its number.

Let’s get fancy with Aquarelle Mango! Puree your fresh mango and freeze just until slushy, fill the glass 2/3 full with the pureed mango and top with Aquarelle.

lemon lime

It’s lemon and lime, but there’s nothing sour about it. This clear and clean tasting sparkling vodka soda is unsweetened and lightly carbonated with a perfectly timed lime finish to give you one last playful kick on purpose.

What goes good with lemon lime? How about fresh oranges, lemons and limes! Add these citrus fruits to your Lemon Lime Aquarelle for a little vitamin C with a cherry on top!

berry pom

A mix made in heaven. This clear and clean tasting sparkling vodka soda is unsweetened and lightly carbonated with a natural blend of mixed berries and subtle hints of pomegranate for a refreshing taste that’s as unique as you are.

What goes better than berries with Berry Pomegranate Aquarelle? We think this makes the perfect cocktail.

How do you dress up your Aquarelle?

Information and Aquarelle images provided by Chrisanna Chan, Citizen Relations. I received samples of each of the beverages to facilitate this feature.

If you would like to be featured on please email, features are complimentary and with appreciation wine samples are accepted for review.

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