Long Weekend Drink Pick – Miller Lite


A true American Pilsner and the original light beer. Miller Lite is made with a precise combination of pale and crystal barley malts, Galena hops and specially grown barley to give it its signature hop-forward flavour and solid malt character. It’s smooth with a light to medium body and a crisp, clean finish.

Price: $25.99 per 15-pack

Here’s a pairing you are going to love!

If there’s one lesson we learned this year it’s the value of quality time, so we created a calendar to make sure you never miss an opportunity to celebrate with loved ones and a cold one. Introducing the Miller Lite Moments calendar featuring easy-to-follow recipes from top Canadian barbequers, key sporting events, and other notable occasions. Click here to download your copy of the free digital calendar!

Price: $25.99 per 15-pack

Now we’re talking! Cowboy steak sandwiches and Miller Lite

In a busy world, the best way to find time for a Miller Lite with friends and family is to put it in your calendar. So, we created the ultimate calendar to make sure you never miss an opportunity for a well-deserved Miller Lite.

Throughout the year, we’ll celebrate basement poker, winter grilling, baseball rivalries and a fishing competition, but it’s really all about taking the time to crack a joke, a smile and a Miller Lite with good friends.

It’s August so why not kick the year off right in the middle of grilling season?

Cheers to you – with an ice cold Miller Lite.

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