Molson Coors Long Weekend Drink – Strongbow Apple Cider


Kick off your long weekend with a Strongbow! A perfectly balanced English apple cider that is light in body crisp, and refreshingly dry. Available everywhere in Canada in 4 flavours (Original Dry, Rose Apple, Gold Apple, Dark Fruit and Elderflower).

Price: $9.49 per 4-pack


Dark Fruit Rituals

Best served over ice. Enjoy your Strongbow over ice. Nothing refreshes more than the crisp kick of Original Dry’s sizzling sparkles over ice.

Rack of Lamb & Dark Fruit Dip

Roasting a juicy rack of lamb? Enjoy Strongbow Dark Fruit! Black currant and brambles’ flavours are amazing with the intense taste of a lamb rack Provençal, roasted with finely chopped fresh parsley, thyme and rosemary. Tip: present it with a dark forest fruit sauce!

Typical English Delight

This tasty tradition will never go out of fashion, especially when it’s enjoyed the way the English do it… with a couple of freshly baked scones with thick, smooth clotted cream and dark fruit jam on top! With a Strongbow Dark Fruit on the side.

Home Made Fruity Chocolate Slab

This dessert looks like it comes straight from a chocolatier, but it’s easy to make at home. Just melt a bar of milk chocolate in a pan, sprinkle with goji berries, cranberries and raspberries, and wait for it to cool down: voilà.

Discover our Flavours




Strongbow Apple Ciders come in a wide variety of flavours, each with their own characteristics. Discover yours!

Availability varies by province. Check with your local liquor store for more details.

These are just a sampling of the ideas for pairing with your Strongbow. Each flavour has its own perfect pairing. Check out the Strongbow website for some tasty recipes!

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