Big news stirs on the Naramata Bench with the sale of one of Canada’s smallest niche wineries, 1 Mill Road. Cynthia and David Enns, dynamic pioneers in the Canadian wine industry have sold to Ben Bryant & Katie Truscott, a talented wine duo taking on the acquisition with an impressive degree of combined global experience and expertise. “This thoughtful and considered transition of hands comes with a great deal of excitement for what the future of Okanagan Valley as a premium wine producing region holds” states Cynthia Enns.

David and Cynthia Enns have spent over two decades making wine, having founded Laughing Stock Vineyards, one of the early wineries on the Naramata Bench. In 2012, David and Cynthia found an abandoned pear orchard just outside the Naramata village with an address listed as 1 Mill Road. Now planted exclusively to Pinot Noir, the pair has witnessed their focused business evolve into one of the most niche, sought-after wineries in Canada. “Ben and Katie felt like the perfect fit to grow 1 Mill Road and extend its reach globally, helping bring more well-deserved attention to this already special region” adds David Enns.

Before moving to the Okanagan Valley in 2018, Ben Bryant was enjoying the job title ‘Chief Winemaker Australia for Pernod Ricard Winemakers’, orchestrating some of the most well-known and important names in Australian wine (Jacobs Creek, St Hugo, and more). On a leap of faith, he moved across the world to take a position with Mission Hill as VP of Winemaking for the Mark Anthony Group. After 2 years with the business and a Wine Align ‘Canada’s Winery of the Year’ under the belt, Ben set off on his own with the ultimate desire to dig roots and create a collection of wines that his hands were on from farm to bottle. With an extensive background in hospitality and marketing, Katie Truscott is originally from the Okanagan and moved back in 2018 after a decade in South Africa. She found great success as a freelance writer and storyteller in the South African wine world, publishing several wine related articles and sharing with her large audience of followers as she worked her way through her Diploma in Wines.

“Our intention is to produce wines that share a distinct story of place and potential,” said Ben. Katie adds, “this is exactly how we dreamed of contributing. We believe in the future of the Okanagan Valley, a budding and exciting wine region with nothing but potential.”

As the local (and global) wine world waits to see the further evolution of 1 Mill Road Winery, Cynthia and David Enns, active and dedicated members of the Naramata community, will be taking a well-earned step back from the wine industry to focus energy on their current projects. Projects include the recent purchase and development of the Naramata General Store alongside a community focused development in the village core.

Media release and image provided by Katie Truscott, 1 Mill Road.

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