Road 13 Vineyards: Love Is Blind Wine Kits

Road 13 Vineyards
Love Is Blind Wine Kits
Trade in blind dates for a blind tasting this Valenwines Day

In honour of Valentine’s Day, Road 13 Vineyards is bringing back its Love is Blind “secret” wine sets, which allow wine lovers the opportunity to blind-taste a pair of exceptional wines in the comfort of home.

Each two-bottle bundle from the award-winning South Okanagan winery allows participants to savour a true, unencumbered taste of time and place, paying exceptionally close attention to what’s in the glass – without the distraction or influence of a label.

Are you ready to love the wine you’re with? It couldn’t be easier: pick a pair of wines, pour and sip – then rip the wrap for the big reveal!

There are three sets in all, including:

Better Together
$66 / 2 bottle set
+ complimentary gift box

These two Road 13 reds just go better together, and probably always will. A match made in heaven, you won’t want to have it any other way.

Powerful Pair
$107 / 2 bottle set
+ complimentary gift box

One old favourite red and one brand new, bold red make-up this powerful pair. Are you ready to close your eyes and jump right in?

A Love Story
$130 / 2 bottle set
+ complimentary gift box

A wine love story you’ll want to write a rom-com about. This reds combination is the best of our best and set to impress.

The Love is Blind sets are available now, online at and from Artisan Wine Shop in Vancouver.

Information and images provided by Morgan Sommerville, Serena PR

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