Poplar Grove Launches Inaugural Vintage of Pinot Noir

For just over three decades, Poplar Grove Winery has been making wines of quality and consistency. Their extensive portfolio ranges from refreshing whites and rosés, to deep, rich reds such as Cabernet Franc, Syrah and their signature blend, The Legacy.  As a long time wine club member of Poplar Grove, I was super excited to learn about the launch of their Pinot Noir Program and to taste the inaugural vintage of the Pinot Noir at a recent media event.

The inspiration of the Pinot Noir Program came to proprietor, Tony Holler, at a dinner where he tasted some delicious local Pinots from the Bench and realized that Poplar Grove should also incorporate this varietal in their portfolio. In 2016, the Holler family launched the Pinot Noir Program with winemaker, Dan Marshall, leading the wine production.

Grown on the 13-acre loam soil Hudson Vineyard, the Pinot Noir is produced in its own dedicated 3,000 square foot facility. The resulting 2022 Poplar Grove Pinot Noir is deliciously balanced and vibrant. Clear ruby in the glass, sweet raspberries, red cherries, and just a hint of cinnamon and cloves on the nose. Impressions of the first sips: blueberries, ripe plums, slight earthy umami, medium body, velvety tannins and bright acidity.

As I was tasting the wine and trying to place its flavour profile in my mind as to the region or style of Pinot Noirs that I’ve tasted in the past, I asked winemaker Dan if he had a certain style of Pinot Noir in mind when he was making the wine. “Nope, I let the fruit make the wine and just help it reach its potential.” Of course, this unique taste that I couldn’t really place in my taste memory is actually the taste of the Pinot Noir expressing its own local terroir on the Bench. I love it!

The 2022 inaugural vintage of the  will be officially released on June 21, 2024.

Contributor to MyVanCity Shelley Hayashi was hosted by Poplar Grove for this event to facilitate this feature.

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