The smell of autumn is in the air, heralding that “back to school” is just around the corner.  September always signals a time of learning and new experiences.  This year, I decided to up my “cultural quotient” by learning more about the music, instruments and the composers from the Baroque period.  Two recent lunch … Read moreEARLY MUSIC VANCOUVER – BACK TO BACH

An Afternoon Refined: Tea at the Xi Shi Lounge

Regarded as one of the four legendary beauties in Chinese history, Xi Shi was so stunningly beautiful it was said that when she washed her silks by the river, the fish saw her charming reflection would forget how to swim and sink to the bottom.  True to its namesake, the Xi Shi Lounge at the … Read moreAn Afternoon Refined: Tea at the Xi Shi Lounge

Renewed Perspective through “Definitely Dali”

Wanting to escape the dreary Vancouver rain, I sought refuge in an unassuming boutique gallery on South Granville.  As soon as I stepped through the doorway, I was transported at once to a warm and sunny place, surrounded by a twirling dancer, an elephant with stilted legs, a snail with wings, musical angels, an oversized … Read moreRenewed Perspective through “Definitely Dali”

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