Announcing the World’s First Sugar Kelp Infused Peat-Smoked Whisky

BC Businesses Collaborate to Create World’s First Sugar Kelp Infused Peat-Smoked Whisky

Macaloney’s Island Distillery Crafts a Unique Whisky, Merging the Terroir of Vancouver Island
with the Merroir of Sustainable Seaweed Cultivation

Macaloney’s Island Distillery announces the inaugural release of the world’s first-ever sugar kelp infused peat-smoked whisky. This groundbreaking whisky, produced in limited quantities, is set to make waves in the whisky community with its unique blend of maritime and smoky flavours, while showcasing a remarkable collaboration between BC and Washington State businesses.

The newmake spirit, from which this whisky was matured, has already garnered global acclaim by winning ‘World’s Best’ in blind tastings by industry-experienced judges at the prestigious World Whisky Awards in London, UK. This accolade underscores the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that Macaloney’s is known for.

The limited-edition whisky can be purchased from the distillery for $109.99 per bottle.

Peat smoking contributes the truest ‘terroir’ in whisky appreciation. Therefore, our Peat Project™ range allows you to explore how peats from Washington USA, Canada, and Scotland differ in their unique flavour profiles. This island whisky was distilled using local barley peat-smoked at our distillery to 54 ppm with local Washington State peat infused with sugar-kelp seaweed.

Nose: The nose has delicate sweet pear-smoke, burnt heather, potpourri with rose petals and oak spices. Crème brulée, strawberry and dried apricots, yield to sweet sugar-kelp reminiscent of the beach at low tide.

Palate: The palate is velvety, with medium peat, sweet pipe-tobacco and oak, complimented with ‘machair’ flowers, pears, thick-cut marmalade, fruit tarts, bramble jam, honey, clove, and cinnamon. It then develops to sweet sugar-kelp reminiscent of dulse and smoked oysters, wet coastal forest, fresh fennel, and hazelnut. The finish has lingering sweet oak, fresh ocean breeze, distant bonfire, and a hint of salt.

ABV: 46%
700ml bottle
Natural Colour & Non-Chill Filtered

$109.99 available online

The innovative infusion of sugar kelp, a type of brown seaweed, chosen for its fresh maritime aromas and sweet smoke has been sustainably farmed along the coast of British Columbia by Cascadia Seaweed, in partnership with coastal First Nations. Seaweed needs only the sea and sunlight to thrive, and its growth enhances local ocean ecosystems. The team at Cascadia Seaweed is dedicated to cultivating their own seaweed and harvesting solely from what they grow. They focus on transforming their crops into agricultural products and proudly support collaborations with other local businesses when opportunities arise.

Dr. Graeme Macaloney, Macaloney’s Island Distillery’s CEO and Whisky Maker

Dr. Graeme Macaloney, the mastermind behind this unique whisky, revived traditional peat-smoking methods by studying under experts in his ancestral home of Islay, Scotland. The peat used in this process is sourced from Washington State, reflecting a unique Canada-USA collaboration and the spirit of innovation that defines Macaloney’s Island Distillery.

This inaugural release is matured in Dr. Jim Swan’s Portuguese red wine Shave-Toast-Rechar barriques, adding layers of red berry, caramel-toffee sweetness, and deep oak notes to the whisky’s creamy-velvety mouth-feel, juicy malted barley, and tropical fruit profile. The peat and sugar-kelp infusion introduces bonfire, burning heather, sweet smokiness, and pronounced maritime notes, finishing with a hint of salt.

This unique whisky embodies both the terroir of Macaloney’s Island whisky and the Pacific Northwest, and the merroir of Cascadia Seaweed. Terroir refers to the complete natural environment in which the whisky is produced, including soil, topography, and climate, imparting a distinct taste and flavour to the whisky. Merroir, derived from the French word for sea, describes the local conditions in which seaweed is raised. This collaborative whisky marries the two, blending the distinctive elements of land and sea to create an unparalleled sensory experience.

The launch of this sugar kelp infused peated whisky also marks the second release of Macaloney’s exploration of ‘terroir’, trademarked as ‘The Peat Project’. Whisky enthusiasts will now have the opportunity to compare this innovative expression with existing Peat Project whiskies, setting the stage for future comparisons with Scottish-Islay peat and Vancouver Island peat.

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About Macaloney’s Island Distillery

Guided by his love for Uisge Beatha, the water of life, Graeme Macaloney, the expat Scot founder and Master Whiskymaker at Macaloney’s Island Distillery, set out to create the finest single malt whisky in North America and the world (having now won 3 ‘World’s Best’ and 8 ‘Canadian Best’ gold medals). Driven by quality he focused his efforts on bringing together the industry’s best Scottish whisky makers, ingredients (great Canadian barley, local peat, select American & European oak, and island air!) and the best equipment (from the famed Forsyth’s copperworks, Speyside, Scotland).

Thanks to these high-quality ingredients, world-class facilities, and deep expert knowledge base, Macaloney and his team were able to produce a range exceptional gold medal whiskies, expanding their range, to more than a dozen different drams for whisky lovers of single malt, triple-distilled potstill (Irish-style) and peated single malt styles.

Media release and images provided by Leeann Froese, Town Hall Brands.

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