An evening with Alberto Antonini

Last evening a gathering of wine lovers enjoyed the ambience of the Tasting Room at Marquis Wine Cellars at 1034 Davie Street in Vancouver.

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It was an opportunity to meet Alberto Antonini one of the 10 Influential Wine Consultants according to Traveling 200 days a year Antonini is the wine consultant for many wineries in several countries including Australia, Italy, Spain and Armenia to name a few. It was noted the Armenians have been making wine for thousands of years in sharp contract to the youthful Okanagan wine growing region.

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Antonini is a believer of “the less is more” philosophy although admittedly he says less in the wine industry means more work. A consultant to Okanagan Crush Pad Antonini advocates for natural, bio-dynamic, and organic viticulture.

Okanagan Crush Pad’s owner Christine Coletta has taken on the task of following this directive and embraces the challenge. Haywire and Bartier – Scholefield wines are available at specialty liquor stores.

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