Meatball & Co. to dish up balls of glory for two days at 337 E. Hastings

The next pop-up in the 337 Series to take place April 10th and 11th


It’s hard to imagine a dish more universal than the humble meatball. Since first being documented in Turkey roughly 4000 years ago, meatballs and their variations have appeared in almost every country and every cuisine. From Chinese wanzi to Portuguese almôndegas, from classic Italian Meatballs and Swedish köttbullar, meatballs have been on dinner tables all over the world for hundreds of years.

Meatball & Co. is popping up for two days at 337 East Hastings to pay homage to the meatball. Inspired by a recent food hunting trip to New York City, Chef Karl Gregg has created menu which features a trio of classic meatball recipes made using locally-sourced meats, and five comforting sauces made from scratch.

With classic Italian beef, spicy Asian-inspired pork and chicken pepperanata meatballs to choose from and sauces ranging from a simple tomato basil to a spicy sweet & sour sauce, the menu allows for 60 different combinations of meatball, sauce, side and presentation. The menu also includes a dessert option for those with a sweet tooth: Chocolate Salted Balls (profiteroles with a salted caramel and chocolate sauce).

Dinner is $22 per person, and includes either a classic meatball dinner with sauce and side, or meatball sliders and fries. Every dinner includes a beer or glass of sangria and, to quench deeper thirsts, beer and sangria will be available along with wines from The Hatch, an exciting new winery based in West Kelowna.

Meatball & Co. will be open for two days for eat-in service only on April 10th and 11th. The balls of glory will be served up nightly from 6:30PM-late. Reservations can be made at or by emailing

$22 per person, includes beer or sangria

Your choice of Meatball Dinner

or Sliders and Fries Beef

meatball & co. balls of glory

Italian mix, pure grain fed beef, with egg parmesan and fresh herbs

Spicy Pork

Cracked chilies, garlic, sweet chilies and pepper with local fraser valley pork


Pepperanata, fresh herb, peppers, capers and parsley


Classic tomato and Basil

San Marzano tomato, basil, garlic and sea salt

Spicy Fire roasted Bolognese

Pork, beef, cream and herbs


Fresh basil pesto made in house

Parmesan and mushroom cream

Heavy cream, roasted garlic, and wild mushrooms

Spicy Sweet and Sour

classic northern chinese sweet and sour with chilies


Classic Cassoulet Beans

White beans, smoked ham hock, greens and garlic

Basil Spaghetti

San Marzano tomato, basil, olive oil

Braised Kale and tomato

Organic tomato, kale and olive oil with cracked chilies and cashews


Chocolate Salted Balls

Profiteroles with a salted caramel and chocolate sauce 1/2 doz $5

Wine Sangria Beer $5 Spiked Sweet Tea $8 sgl/11 dbl

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