Field House: Help Fund a Local Craft Brewery!

Field House: Help Fund a Local Craft Brewery!

Love craft beer and looking for a passion project? (We feel like this question might be rhetorical.) Why not help support Field House Brewing?! Abbotsford’s newest (and coolest) craft brewery is scheduled to open its doors next month, and would love your assistance in raising the funds necessary to make this happen on time.

Now listen: this call to action is really only for hardcore lovers of craft beer and the associated swag, and maybe you don’t like that.

Or do you?

I mean, we’re talking t-shirts, hats, and growlers. Who likes those? And the fresh, ever-changing, cheeky, and artistic quality of local craft beer isn’t that appealing, right?

Or is it?

Field House Brewery

If you love the same beer you’ve loved since you were 19 (we need to be all legal, here), then this isn’t for you. If you don’t enjoy kicking back in a totally rad, mad-designed 3000 square foot space, then you should stop reading this. If you don’t like the idea of filling said growlers with unique tastes and going out back to play bocce and maybe try new food truck bites each week, then this article probably sucks for you.

We’re sorry.

But if you like great beer, aren’t offended by the term ‘hipster,’ love a crazy take on a taco, and enjoy variety and loudness and great design and fabulous company, then maybe you should join the cause.

You know, the craft beer cause.

So: you can do one of two things after reading this plea for help:

  • you can snort and shut your laptop and go buy some Labatt Blue, or
  • you can take another swig of the Dead Frog Nut Brown Ale in your hand, nod your head, think to yourself “Field House—that sounds cool” and watch the Kickstarter video below.

And then donate to the beer cause. Because we’re talking about beer, and you’re Canadian, and you understand what that means.

Do it. (*Drops mic.)

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