Dinner at Burdock & Co a Garden of Earthy Delights from Burpee and garden therapy

Dinner at Burdock & Co a Garden of Earthy Delights from Burpee and garden therapy


Last night I was one of a large group of media hosted by Burpee at a dinner held at local restaurant Burdock & Co with garden therapy‘s Stephanie Rose as the guest speaker.


Stephanie spoke about her passion for gardening and how it developed into her blog garden therapy where you can find all sorts of gardening ideas from DIY to recipes for your homegrown veggies.

Tim Duffin, Brand Manager for Burpee talked about sustainability, organics, non GMO’s and knowing where our vegetable seeds come from. Burpee products can be found in local garden shops, grocery stores and big box stores or you can order online.

As many people now live in smaller spaces Burpee has a variety of herbs and vegetables that can be grown in containers, producing bumper crops!

The entire dinner was created to spotlight the herbs provided by Stephanie just that morning from her own garden. Needless to say, dinner was fantastic and so delicious. These dishes will definitely make you want to acquire your own green thumb.

We started with a Late Summer Smash a delicious cocktail made with Bourbon, Burpee’s Sage & Peach Honey, Lemon and Soda. Very refreshing. Accompanying the cocktail were passed canapés of Potato Cream, Smoked Shayu & Chanterelles and Crispy Burpee’s Sage; Polenta with Castlevetrano Olive & Burpee’s Parsley Tapenade and a Confit Duck Croquette.

Confit Duck Croquette


Dinner was truly a delight and Burdock & Co‘s Chef Andrea Carlson’s dishes were superbly executed as well as being a treat to the eye the dishes were absolutely delicious.


House Made Sourdough Bread with Cultured Butter


These little peppers were so delicious and very mild.


Burpee’s Dragon Roll Shishito Peppers with Garlic Almond Oil


Radicchio & Nectarine Salad, Garlic Yogurt, Grapefruit Vinaigrette, Burpee’s Parsley


Cauliflower & Burpee’s Parsley Couscous, Smoked Cayenne Harissa


Elk Bavette, Burpee’s Oregano Gremolata Burpee’s Bright Lights Rainbow Chard, Pecorino


Heirloom Melon with Burpee’s Sweet Leaf Stevia & Sansho Broth, Coconut Ice


Optional wine pairings


You can opt for ready to go herbs from Burpee. I purchased these two from my local big box store. So nice to have fresh herbs on hand throughout the summer. Some herbs are hardier than others so you can always pick and dry them when the weather turns cold preserving them for use all year round.


These two gems, a Rosemary and Thyme have thrived in my garden all summer giving me a ready supply of fresh herbs.


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  1. Thank you so much for coming to the event and sharing your experience! Sadly, I didn’t take photos of the courses so I’m very glad that you did such a lovely job. The meal was fantastic and it was an honor to grow the herbs and vegetables for the chef to cook with. Any gardener’s dream! I hope we dine together again soon.

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